Banco Inter increases credit limit for card customers

Banco Inter increases credit limit for card customers
Banco Inter increases credit limit for card customers
During an online transmission, the director of Banco Inter, Wagner Ferreira, announced that fintech will provide a new service, the provisional credit limit. This modality will be offered to customers who have a reduced credit card and intend to make a specific purchase with an amount that exceeds their limit.

Still, according to the director, the new service will help to strengthen the relationship between the bank and its customers. This is a new measure to attract more account holders.

Provisional credit limit at Banco Inter

The President of the Bank reaffirmed that in order for the customer to have access to a higher credit limit, it is necessary to be an active user of the bank account.

“Let’s assume that you have 3 credit cards, including that of Banco Inter, but with a low limit. And you continue to use others. This is not cool, because the more you concentrate your purchases on a card, and getting close to your limit, you are signaling your financial and control capacity. So we will end up increasing this limit even more ”, he said.

Regarding the request for the provisional credit card limit, Ferreira clarifies that it can be done in a simple and practical way, through the application itself.

Therefore, customers who need to increase their credit card limit in an emergency situation, or even to pay for a purchase with a value higher than the margin, can request Inter through their platform. After the order, the company will analyze whether or not the customer will be contemplated with the release of the new limit.

“If you are going to take a trip, for example, and want an increase in the limit of R $ 2 thousand reais to spend there, we can offer it. Inter analyzes this increase internally and, depending on the history that the person has with us, we either approve or deny it ”, concluded Wagner.

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