C3 and Aircross go out of line

C3 and Aircross go out of line
C3 and Aircross go out of line

Production was already stopped and stocks were being used up during the pandemic. Now, the Citroën C3 and Aircross have taken the same course as the C4 Lounge just before them.

Without the pair of compacts, the C4 Cactus was left alone in the showroom of the Parisian brand. Well, not entirely, because the commercials Jumpy and Jumper are still going strong, thank you.

The “loneliness” of the compact crossover will only end at the end of the year, when the C3 Sporty or whatever his name is, will appear to bring a light to the forgotten Citroën portfolio in Brazil, which has never seen anything like this before.

As we commented on this Wednesday, the New C4 could be an option above the Cactus to give life to Citroën here, even more than the current wave is for crossovers, SUVs or anything that looks like this.

Citroën C4 Cactus is alone: ​​C3 and Aircross go out of line

As for those who leave, it is a reminder of when Citroën bet on style and pleased many people, especially the female audience, with its tall hatch, which has had two generations here.

The C3 lived up to what the Paris brand preaches in innovation, be it in style or technology. Here he used a naturalized 1.4 to 1.5, as well as a three-liter 1.2 that had its maximum frugality, allowing the compact to go further.

From the XTR to the special series, the Citroën C3 had a good time among Brazilians, but it saw the third generation appear in Europe with the same PF1 platform and nothing has changed here. Thus, his destiny could not differ from his brother.

Citroën C4 Cactus is alone: ​​C3 and Aircross go out of line

The Aircross – yes, an unassumed C3 Aircross – arrived with a huge party, inheriting the structure of the C3 Picasso minivan and wanting to show its adventurous side. Citroën got it right and he made his way in this peculiar Brazilian market.

In the update, he even exaggerated to want to be an SUV, but his time had already passed. It could have become the C3 Aircross assumed in Europe, whose current look shows the boldness of Citroën, which unfortunately no longer has it in Brazil…

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