15 million doses are wasted in the US, says NY Times

A human error at a plant in Baltimore, in the United States, would have caused the loss of 15 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine against covid-19. The information is from the New York Times.

According to the newspaper, the factory run by Emergent BioSolutions produced two vaccines against the coronavirus and accidentally mixed ingredients from them a few weeks ago. This would have, in addition to ruining production, delayed the authorization of the company’s production lines.

According to the newspaper, the error interrupted future Johnson & Johnson shipments in the United States, while the FDA, the US federal health agency, investigates. The immunizer, which is a single dose, is the hope to accelerate the national immunization program in the United States.

The problem does not affect the doses that are currently being used in the country, as these were produced in the Netherlands. According to J&J, an amount capable of immunizing more than 20 million people in the United States has already been delivered. The company’s plan is to deliver 100 million vaccines by the end of May.

In a press release, Johnson & Johnson said that during the quality control process it identified a batch of drug substance that did not meet the standards. “This batch never advanced to the stages of filling and finishing our manufacturing process,” says the note.

The company further stated that it is providing specialists in manufacturing, technical operations and quality to be present at the Emergent plant “to supervise, direct and support the entire manufacturing of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine against covid-19”.


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