WhatsApp launches new tools to facilitate the use of catalogs

WhatsApp launches new tools to facilitate the use of catalogs
WhatsApp launches new tools to facilitate the use of catalogs
Considered today as the largest channel of communication between consumers and companies, WhatsApp announced on Wednesday (7) some news in its shopping tool, WhatsApp Business, aimed at facilitating the visualization of available products and assisting companies in sales.

After the Facebook messenger introduced the option of product catalogs for small businesses in 2019, the tool has grown and now offers more than 8 million catalogs, of which 1.75 million are in Brazil alone.

Now, the company decided to simplify the experience and made catalog management available from WhatsApp Web directly on the PCs’ desktop, an option previously only available on mobile phones. As most companies manage their inventories on computers, the new option promises to speed up and facilitate the insertion of new items and services for sale.

Another successful tool introduced at the end of last year, shopping carts have gained a new functionality that allows them to “hide” certain unavailable items and show them only when their stocks have been replenished. The new feature will be available starting today for companies around the world.

What do consumers say?

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Hibou, a market and consumer research and monitoring company, released a survey on Tuesday (6) about the use of WhatsApp by Brazilians. According to the data obtained, 79% of consumers in Brazil have already purchased a product or service through the application, in the business or personal version, with payment via links, bank transfer or product delivery.

Of the total number of buyers, 57% continue to buy through the channel today, which reveals a relationship of trust between merchants and customers. In a statement, Hibou revealed that, according to the survey, “98% of the population has already created an account on the app, 93% use it in their daily lives, whether to have contact with the family in the pandemic or even commercially and 56% prefers this app among the many others available ”.

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