Brazil’s political environment scares matrices, says president of Anfavea | Companies

The approval of the 2021 Budget is one of them. The biggest “disappointment” with the Budget, he said, is that mandatory spending should have been approved last year. “The underestimation of expenses created space for amendments thinking about the 2022 elections,” he said.

“Brasília should think more about Brazil,” said the president of Anfavea, shortly after presenting the results of the auto industry in the first quarter.

For him, “the gravity of the situation has not yet been realized in Brasilia” and, therefore, “Brazil is leaving Brazilians behind, both in terms of the pandemic and in the economy”.

“What we are going through is absurd,” said Moraes. For him, the picture of the health crisis in the country could be “less dramatic”. “But due to incompetence or lack of vision” that did not happen.

When asked if he was expected to participate in a dinner being organized between the president Jair Bolsonaro and businessmen from São Paulo, on Wednesday, Moraes said he was not invited. “I haven’t left the house and, in fact, I even have to wash the dishes, which is not easy,” he said.

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