Senate approves bill that extends the 2021 Income Tax delivery deadline until July | Politics

Senate approves bill that extends the 2021 Income Tax delivery deadline until July | Politics
Senate approves bill that extends the 2021 Income Tax delivery deadline until July | Politics

Currently, the deadline ends on April 30th. The text, authored by Deputy Rubens Bueno (Citizenship-PR), was approved in the Chamber last week.

Rapporteur of the proposal in the Senate, Plínio Valério (PSDB-AM) proposed an addition to the text of the deputies. The change suggested by the toucan was approved by the plenary. Thereby, the project comes back for further analysis by the Chamber (see more details below).

For the extension to take effect, the proposal needs to be approved by the Chamber again and sanctioned by President Jair Bolsonaro.

Congress tries to extend the term of the income tax declaration

The text changes the final date for submission of declarations. The monthly schedule foreseen for refunds, however, will be maintained.

The refund of the first batch should take place on May 31st. See the planned timetable:

  • 1 lot: may 31st
  • 2 lots: June 30
  • 3 lots: July 30
  • 4 lots: August, 31
  • 5 lots: September 30

The bill approved on Tuesday also says that the IRS will prepare the necessary acts to extend the deadline for submitting declarations.

According to the IRS website, approximately 11 million statements have been submitted so far. The deadline for sending started on March 1st. The revenue foresees the delivery of more than 32 million statements in total.

Plínio Valério altered the text originally approved by the Chamber to define that, if, after the submission of the declaration, there remains a balance of the tax to be paid, the amount due may be paid in up to six times, but must be paid in 2021.

“This was done to meet, at least, one point of view of the Union. They were decisive: to extend to January and February [parcelas do imposto a pagar] it would remove, from the 2021 Budget, an estimated amount of R $ 2.6 billion, which will be transferred to the 2022 Budget. In other words, it is a very complicated subject and we would complicate it even more “, he said.

With the inclusion of the section, the project needs to be analyzed again by the Chamber of Deputies.

In 2020, deadline has been extended

Last year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic in the country, the IRS extended the deadline for submitting declarations by 60 days. The measure was adopted through the agency’s normative instruction.

At the time, even with the deadline postponed, the refund schedule was maintained.

Plínio Valério (PSDB-AM) rapporteur for the project in the Senate said that the extension is almost a repetition of what happened in 2020 and gives “tranquility to the taxpayer in this very troubled moment”.

He recalled that the postponement of the deadline could be made administratively by the IRS, which did not occur this year.

Government positioning

During the session, the leader of the government in the Senate, Fernando Bezerra (MDB-PE), stressed that in 2020 the postponement of the deadline was 60 days and that, this year, it is proposed to extend it 90 days. He said, then, that the longer term could interfere with the government’s cash flow.

Bezerra said he could not guarantee that the president would sanction the extension. “The government still does not have a sanctioning position in relation to this matter due to the fiscal developments that are still being evaluated by the economic team,” he said.

“It is important that all senators know that the extension of the deadline for filing income tax returns will require a very large financial effort on the part of the government,” added Bezerra.

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