Coronavirus variant circulated in 15 countries before being detected

Dand according to the study, released by CNN, the “highly contagious” variant will have spread for months in the United States last year. That strain of the virus that would later be detected in the United Kingdom, a country where more evidence of the emergence of ‘infsoul ‘variant B117.

The study, published in the scientific journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, indicates that this strain did indeed spread throughout the world long before it was identified in Britain.

For the purposes of that research, the researchers analyzed data from 15 countries, simultaneously estimating the possibility that travelers from the United Kingdom introduced the strain in these 15 places between 22 September and 7 of December 2020. Consequently, experts concluded that variant B117 must have reached all locations around the month of November.

“When we discovered the UK variant in December, it was already spreading silently around the world “, he told the CNN Lauren Ancel Meyers, director gives Covid-19 Modeling Consortium at the University of Texas at Austin and professor of biology integrative.
“We estimate that the B117 variant probably reached the USA in October of 2020, two months before we knew it existed “, he said.

Meyers points out that the study “emphasizes thencia to keep a watchncia laboratory “on the Covid-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus SARSCoV-2.

“O sequencing virus samples is critical for detect and track new variants that may be problematic in the near future “, concluded the teacher.

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