Income tax: Senate votes this Tuesday to extend the term by 30 days | Economy

Nicolas Nogueira
Deadline would be extended by another three months

O Senate
should vote this Tuesday (6) to extend the deadline for the declaration of the Income tax
. The deadline for submission of declarations is the day April 30th
, but a bill to be analyzed by senators extends that period for another three months, with an end in July 31
. Also on the agenda are the priority on restitution of income tax for health professionals and the unemployed, in addition to projects on mental health.

Bill 639/2021, which extends the deadline for filing income tax returns, is from Deputy Rubens Bueno (Citizenship-PR). The text approved by the Chamber determines that the refund schedule will not be changed. The first batch is due on May 31. The text also authorizes the payment of the single installment or the installments due by the IR until July 31, without any increase in interest or penalty of any kind.

The intention, with the extension, is to make it possible to meet the deadline despite the increase in restrictions generated by covid-19. In 2020, the deadline was extended by means of normative instructions from the Federal Revenue Service, which passed the deadline to June 30. The project rapporteur is Senator Plínio Valério (PSDB-AM).

Still on Income Tax, senators must vote on PL 2,981 / 2020, by Senator Jaques Wagner (PT-BA), who has Senator Rogério Carvalho (PT-SE) as rapporteur. The text gives priority to receiving refunds to healthcare workers and taxpayers who lost their jobs in 2020. The rule will apply only to healthcare professionals with an income of up to ten minimum wages and workers who are unemployed on the final delivery date. income statements.


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