April 5 is Satoshi Nakamoto’s birthday and date can hide a message

Today, April 5th, is the birthday of Satoshi Nakamoto, the legendary and mysterious creator of Bitcoin, at least according to what he claimed before he disappeared from the internet.

As we know, Satoshi loves to put hidden messages in everything he does, so does the April 5th choice also mean anything?

Satoshi started to leave important messages since the beginning of Bitcoin, recording the headline on the cover of The Times newspaper on January 3, 2009, on the Bitcoin genesis block, “Chancellor on the verge of second bailout to banks”.

The Times page with the headline that is now etched forever in Bitcoin history.

According to the profile Documenting Bitcoin, there is an important event on that date of April 5, more specifically in 1933, when the US government banned ordinary citizens from having gold coins, gold bars or gold certificates.

With that, the date marks the day when an executive order prohibited citizens from having any property in the precious metal.

“Satoshi Nakamoto trolled the government, marking his birthday for April 5. A seemingly random date at the beginning, right? But on April 5, 1933, an executive order was issued that made gold ownership illegal for citizens. Bitcoin solved that. ”

And why is this important for Bitcoin? Well, Bitcoin was born as a way of “Take the power out of the government” in relation to the personal financial sovereignty of each person. And while gold can be banned and confiscated, Bitcoin is resistant to censorship.

Therefore, having chosen the date of April 5 as the anniversary date serves as a way of reminding the importance that Bitcoin has for people.

Of course, the Documenting Bitcoin profile may just be kicking the relationship between the two facts, but even if that is Satoshi’s actual birthday, there is great symbolism in that relationship.

Can Bitcoin be confiscated or banned just like gold?

Since Bitcoin entered the mainstream, around 2017, many have been concerned about the possibility of digital currency being banned, just as it was possible to do with gold in 1933.

Some bet that this is a real possibility, as is the case with Ray Dalio, while others believe that it will never happen.

However, this concern is justified for different reasons. With Bitcoin still being a new technology, we don’t know how far the interest in banning or controlling the digital asset goes.

As has already been raised by other investors, the US has started several wars to protect the dollar, it is quite possible that they may have much more power over Bitcoin than many believe.

Fortunately, for the time being no interest has been shown by governments like the U.S., UK or even Brazil to ban Bitcoin. But Asian countries, like India, are already moving towards banning digital assets.

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