Caixa plans to release new credit between R $ 1,500 and R $ 5,000 in 2021

Caixa plans to release new credit between R $ 1,500 and R $ 5,000 in 2021
Caixa plans to release new credit between R $ 1,500 and R $ 5,000 in 2021
Payments from the emergency aid started officially this Tuesday, April 6th. In parallel to this, the Government and the Box Federal Economic Commission (CEF) should prepare ideas to help financially informal workers during the pandemic. As a result, a new microcredit. See how the proposal should work.

The expectation is that the amounts will be released in the order of R$1.500 a R$5.000. The public company Caixa Econômica Federal should be responsible for payments. Currently, R $ 10 billion will be released to finance the credit line, but the amount should rise and reach R $ 25 billion, if some measures under analysis by the economic team are made.

It is even confirmed that for the beneficiaries, the loan amount can be between R $ 1,500 and R $ 5,000. The intention is to focus on the so-called “invisible” group, or the informal group, which is informal and which, until then, had not received official help. There are at least 38.1 million Brazilians in this situation.

To defend the creation of the new microcredit program, the Government uses examples of beneficiaries of emergency aid who used the money to buy equipment needed for work during the pandemic.

Release of CAIXA credit between R $ 1,500 and R $ 5,000

One of the important discussions for release between R $ 1,500 and R $ 5,000 is in the fact that the amount released for the program goes from R $ 10 billion to up to R $ 25 billion. In this way, the value would increase the share of funds that banks are obliged to leave at the Central Bank (the so-called “compulsory deposits) and that could be directed to microcredit loans.

Since the beginning of the proposal, the BC president the BC president has supported the microcredit agenda. In the Provisional Measure for Green Yellow Employment, which had the objective of promoting hiring of young people and ended up not being voted by Congress, there was a proposal to stimulate microcredit. One of the possibilities is to redirect part of the directing of compulsory payments from the agricultural sector to microcredit.

Caixa has Caixa Caixa Special Credit

Caixa Econômica Federal offers the Caixa Empresa Special credit, a credit line with no specific destination. Funding resources can be used, for example, to balance cash flow, replenish stocks, pay salaries and 13th salary, pay suppliers and miscellaneous expenses. The financing limit is determined based on the company’s analysis, carried out by Caixa.

Here’s how it works:

1) Operations:

Prefixed Special Company Cash Credit:

– Interest fixed and required monthly.

– IOF according to the legislation in force.

Commissionero from Concessof Guarantee (CCG) required at the time of granting the loan.

– The bank fees for the operation are available at PJ Rate Table valid.

– Term: up to 60 months.

Post-fixed Caixa Empresa Special Credit:

– Interest pfixed, required monthly, with correction by the TR.

– IOF according to the legislation in force.

– Commissionero from ConcessGuarantee Agreement (CCG), if applicable, required at the time of granting the loanI respect.

– The bank fees for the operation are available at PJ Rate Table valid.

– Term: up to 60 months.

2) Warranties:

CIt’sdula de CrIt’ssaid Banc(CCB), issued by the policyholder in favor of Caixa, endorsed by the company’s managing partners. Complementary guarantee from the Operations Guarantee Fund (FGO), in accordance with the conditions stipulated by the Fund.

See how to hire

  1. Find out about the product Look for the Caixa branch of your choice and ask the manager for information. In addition to answering your questions, he will inform you of the necessary documentation for contracting the product.
  2. Provide the necessary documentation Based on the documents delivered to the agency, Caixa carries out the analysis of your company. If the analysis is successful, the loan is released in the chosen mode and payment terms.
  3. Use the credit After the release, the money is credited to the company’s account and can be used according to your needs.

Discover other products offered by CAIXA

CAIXA also has a Payroll Loan offer, available for customers to use whenever and however they want. The citizen will be able to use the amount to renovate the house, dream trip, organize his financial life.

Credit without the need for a guarantor, with special advantages and the best conditions, for employees of companies and associated agencies, retirees and INSS pensioners.

The loan is released without a guarantor and the installment is deducted directly from your payroll or benefit.

“If you receive a salary with us, you can count on more advantages in hiring credit. If you don’t receive it, request an automatic salary transfer now and enjoy all the benefits ”, says the bank.

Emergency aid continues

Despite the release of the credit, the Federal Government will continue with 4 more installments of emergency aid. The first of them, even, starts from this Tuesday, April 6. The first stage of payments will be for those born in the month of January. Next Thursday (9), the benefit will be paid to those born in February. In April, a total of 12 payments.

“We will start on April 6, the payment of emergency aid 2021. This emergency aid, in the amount of R $ 44 billion, will be used for four installments in the year 2021, which will be directed to the vulnerable Brazilian, for those who are experiencing difficulties” said João Roma, Minister of Citizenship.

The Federal Government will start paying the average amount of R $ 250.00 for the rule, with two exceptions: single-person families, who would receive R $ 150.00 and single-parent families for women, who will be entitled to R $ 375.00.

Emergency aid in 2021 will be released to 45 million people, less than in 2020, when almost 70 million Brazilians received the benefit.

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