Nubank 2021: Discover the novelty that increases the limit with your account balance

O Nubank will launch a new feature in the app that allows you to increase the limit on the card. This service will allow the customer who wants more credit on their card to deposit an amount in the account that will be converted into a limit. The “invested credit limit” will make an instant transformation.

The new function will be for those users who are not satisfied with their limit or want to make a specific purchase and cannot get the increase provided by fintech. Many of these cases occur due to the customer’s low score. The resource is still in the testing phase, which means that few account holders will have access to it, at least initially.

Increase your Nubank limit using your account balance

To do this, first check if the function has been made available by accessing the “Add more limit” option in the Nubank application. To find the icon, check out the guidelines below:

  1. Enter the Nubank app;
  2. Select the “Credit Card” option;
  3. Click on “Adjust limit”;
  4. After indicating “Request increase of total limit”;
  5. Click on the option “Add more limit”; and
  6. Enter the amount you want to convert into a credit limit.

The option can also be accessed through the settings of the digital bank platform. The tools in the app are always represented by a gear icon. After verifying that it is in the latest version of the application, check if the novelty is available and released for use.

Tips to increase your card limit

Nubank uses its customers’ financial information to release any service. Therefore, it is important that the citizen has a regularized and healthy financial life. One must pay attention to the payment of invoices on the right date, as well as use the card within the limit provided and avoid spending in excess so as not to be indebted to the institution.

In addition, a good relationship with the bank can help. Just request other services offered by fintech, such as hiring Nubank Rewards and Nubank Vida insurance. The use of the digital account should favor approval analyzes.

However, keeping the information registered in the application up to date and following the steps mentioned, getting more limit on your credit card is easier.

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