When does the emergency withdrawal of FGTS begin in 2021?

When does the emergency withdrawal of FGTS begin in 2021?
When does the emergency withdrawal of FGTS begin in 2021?
Caixa’s mobile application for FGTS
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The government decided to reissue the economic measures adopted last year to help Brazilians who are suffering harmful effects caused by the pandemic. It is the case of the new round of emergency aid that must pay the first installment on Tuesday (6). In all, about 45 million people are expected to benefit from the second edition of the program.

Another measure that injected money into the Brazilian’s pocket last year was the emergency withdrawal of FGTS (Guarantee Fund for Time of Service). In 2020, more than 60 million workers withdrew up to R $ 1,045 from active and inactive accounts.

The question is: will there be a second round of withdrawals from FGTS? The hammer on a new edition of the program in 2021 has not yet been hit. However, speculation points that, if any, the measure will have the same settings as the previous version, with the difference that the maximum amount would be R $ 1,100, which is the current minimum wage.

O CNN Brasil Business contacted the Ministry of Economy, but did not obtain a return until the publication of this text. Caixa, on the other hand, stated that “it still does not have information about the new emergency withdrawal”.

How was the emergency withdrawal of FGTS last year?

In 2020, emergency withdrawals were allowed for all Brazilians who had a balance in FGTS accounts.

At the time, the withdrawals followed a payment schedule, according to the beneficiary’s birthday month. The first batch was released on June 29 for those born in January. December birthdays, on the other hand, began on September 21.

To access the amount released, workers had to download and register in the Caixa Tem app. In the application, they could move the balance deposited in the Digital Social Savings.

Withdrawals were available until December 31, when the measure ceased to be in force. The unused amounts returned to the FGTS accounts of origin.

What is the difference between emergency withdrawal and anniversary withdrawal?

The birthday withdrawal is a modality that allows workers to receive annually – before dismissal – part of the balance available in active accounts.

The withdrawal amount depends on the available balance. The higher the amount, the lower the percentage. Therefore, those who have up to R $ 500 available in their account can withdraw 50%, while those who have over R $ 20 thousand can only withdraw 5%. According to Caixa, more than 9.7 million people opted for this service last year.

This year, the bank has already released the payment schedule, initiated by those born in January, which they received as of January 4. The corresponding amount is released on the first day of the anniversary month.

To choose this modality, the worker needs to make the choice in the application or on the FGTS website or in a Caixa branch.

According to the institution, at the time of carrying out the operation, the beneficiary must indicate an account, of any bank, to receive the deposit of the amount.

Whoever wants to go back to the previous rule, from withdrawal on termination of contract, just do the reverse operation.

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