Elon Musk in tests to sell satellite internet in Portugal – Observer

Elon Musk in tests to sell satellite internet in Portugal – Observer
Elon Musk in tests to sell satellite internet in Portugal – Observer

In the future, you may no longer be dependent on antennas, fiber optic cables, 5G or even current operators in Portugal. As the National Communications Authority (Anacom) announced this Monday, the internet service coming from SpaceX’s Starlink satellites, which belongs to Elon Musk, is being tested in Portugal. In addition, the regulator recalls that there are already other companies offering satellite internet access packages in the country, starting at 12.90 euros.

As for Elon Musk’s internet, which literally comes from space, Anacom put forward more information on the topic: in Portugal, there was already a company created for this purpose, Space Exploration Technologies Portugal – SXPT, established in March. This company told Anacom that it wants to start selling services in national territory already in June this year. The company informed the regulator that “will be able to provide internet access to 50 thousand users in Portugal, forecast to reach 16 thousand users by the end of 2021 ″.

Elon Musk has already revealed how much the internet coming from space will cost

Regarding the statement released this Monday by Anacom, the entity estimates “that the offer of internet via satellite will become, in the next decades, one of the great businesses of the New Space based on megaconstellations, representing the largest share of the generated revenues ”. The regulator also adds that “despite the reduced penetration of this service in Portugal, the number of subscribers grew 78.5% between the 4th quarter of 2018 and the 3rd quarter of 2020”.


Satellite Internet reached 1,200 accesses at the end of 2020, which represents less than 0.3% of total accesses at a fixed location, but represents a growth of 32.4% compared to 2019 ″, says Anacom.

For now, Starlink is “in tests”, says the entity. However, remember that there are now residential and non-residential offers in Portugal. “Monthly fees vary between a minimum of 12.90 euros and a maximum of 119.99 euros, depending on the characteristics of the offers, namely the speeds and associated traffic limits”, says Anacom.

The current offers of satellite internet in Portugal

The satellite Internet access service requires the installation of a small satellite dish outside and a router, explains Anacom. In addition, the regulator states that “the internet via satellite will contribute to address the problem of internet access in rural or remote areas and in small cities where the fiber optic infrastructure is non-existent ”.

In 2020 alone, around 1085 small satellites were launched to respond to these new internet offers, of which 773 belong to SpaceX’s Starlink network, Anacom also mentions. The other satellites are from companies that already sell this type of service to Portugal: Konnect, Tooway, Onesat, Bigblu, SkyDSL and Vivasat.

In October 2020, it was reported by Reuters that the Starlink service will have a monthly fee of $ 99 (about 84 euros) and the configuration kit will cost another $ 499 (422 euros). The service started to be launched in February 2018, with the first satellites sent by SpaceX. Currently, this offer is only available in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and New Zealand. In these countries the final version with all the features that Musk promises is not yet available, and is also in the testing phase.

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