658 million vaccines have been administered worldwide. Portugal is 30th and above the European average

More than 658 million doses of vaccines against covid-19 have been administered in 151 countries, according to data collected by Bloomberg. On average, the globe is applying 16.5 million doses per day.
In the United States so far, 165 million doses have been applied. In the last week, an average of 3.08 million doses were taken per day. The Biden Administration has already vaccinated 18.5% of the population.
China is second in the general table, due to its population density, with 136.67 million doses administered. At this time, there are no up-to-date data on the percentage of the vaccinated population.
The European Union is third in the table, having already administered a total of 79,435,098 doses, having vaccinated only 5.2% of its population.
In the UK, 36,904,755 million people have already received at least the first dose, with 8.1% of its population currently vaccinated.
In the ranking of the information agency, Portugal occupies the 30th place, just behind the Netherlands and followed by Saudi Arabia, with a total of 1,833,218 doses administered, having already injected the first dose to 12.5% ​​of its population and with 5.4% vaccinated.


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