7-seater Crete will have 2.0 petrol and 1.5 diesel engines

As the official launch approaches, new information and details regarding Hyundai’s long-awaited Alcazar SUV are becoming known. The model has already disclosed design sketches, bustle of the interior and now appears camouflaged in an official pre-debut rehearsal. It will be officially presented in the coming days and positioned as a more spacious alternative to Crete, the model from which it derives.

As the images show, the Alcazar will have a slightly higher and flatter roof, following the extra length of the body. The exact measurements are still unknown, but recent speculation suggests that the wheelbase will be extended by at least 30 millimeters. For comparison, the conventional Crete measures 4.27 meters in length and has 2.61 meters of wheelbase.

Another important change will be seen in the design of the rear, as projections and bust images have already been mentioned several times. The lanterns will be bigger and will have an exclusive internal lighting arrangement, forming yet another point of differentiation in reaction to the shorter Crete. The wheels, the design of the rear windows and the shape of the front grille will also be appropriate.

Inside, the panel will appear to be the same, as will the technology and connectivity features. The difference will be due to the extra seats and the various options for configuring the seats. Depending on the version, Alcazar can accommodate 6 people in the 2 + 2 + 2 scheme or up to 7 passengers in the proportion 2 + 3 + 2.

Under the hood, two engine options will be offered in India: 1.5 turbodiesel with 115 hp power and 2.0 152 hp gasoline aspirated. The transmission can be manual or automatic, both with 6 gears. The traction will always be front.

New Crete in Brazil

In Brazil, the debut of the new generation of Crete (5 seats) is expected for the second half of 2021 – not by chance, prototypes are already running tests here. The launch will play a strategic role within Hyundai’s plans, mainly taking into account the increased competition. But it is too early to know if the 7-seater version is also in the plans of the Brazilian subsidiary.

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