Petrobras raises gas prices to distributors by up to 39%, and part of the increase will be passed on to the consumer

RIO – After readjusting gasoline and diesel prices this year, Petrobras reported on Monday morning that, starting on May 1st, natural gas sales prices to distributors will increase by 39% per cubic meter compared to the last quarter. In dollar terms, the increase will be 32%.

The adjustment will be passed on to the final consumer, although not in the same proportion, according to the association that gathers the distributors. The increase does not affect liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), the so-called cooking gas, which rose 5% on Saturday and has already accumulated a 22.7% increase in 2021, but impacts CNG and piped gas that reaches homes and to industries.

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The price change announced today stems from the application of supply contract formulas, which link the price to oil prices and to the exchange rate, the state-owned company said. Updates to contract prices are quarterly.

For the months of May, June and July, the reference is the prices for the months of January, February and March. During that period, oil rose 38% and there was a strong devaluation of the real, Petrobras said.

According to the company, Petrobras’ natural gas prices also include the transfer of the costs of transporting the energy source to the delivery point to the distributors, which are defined by tariffs regulated by the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP).

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“This portion of the price is updated annually in May by the IGP-M, which, for the measurement period (March 2020 to March 2021), registered an increase of 31%”, said Petrobras in a note.

CNG and piped gas reaching homes and industries may be affected by the increase Photo: Márcia Foletto / Agência O Globo

Despite the increase, the state-owned company said that, throughout 2020, natural gas prices to distributors reached an accumulated reduction of 35% in reais and 48% in dollars, due to the effect of the drop in oil prices at the beginning of the year. last year.

Molecule weight in the final price is 59%

In a note, Abegás, an association that brings together piped gas distributors, explained that the increases given by Petrobras will be passed on to the consumer without the distributors having any gains from this increase.

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Abegás emphasized that the readjustments end up “taking competitiveness from natural gas in relation to other sources of energy such as gasoline, fuel oil, LPG (cylinder gas) and electricity”.

Despite not predicting the impact on the final price to the final consumer, Abegás clarified that 59% of the price refers to the value of the gas molecule sold by Petrobras and the part of the natural gas carrier. Federal and state taxes represent 24% of the total paid by the consumer.

“The distributors of piped gas keep 17% and with this percentage carry out the maintenance of assets, investments in network expansion and are remunerated for the provision of piped natural gas distribution services”, he said in a note.

Increase does not affect liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), the so-called cooking gas, which rose 5% on Saturday and has already accumulated a 22.7% increase in 2021 Photo: Letícia Pontual / Agência O Globo
Increase does not affect liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), the so-called cooking gas, which rose 5% on Saturday and has already accumulated a 22.7% increase in 2021 Photo: Letícia Pontual / Agência O Globo

Marcelo Mendonça, Director of Strategy and Market at Abegás, recalled that Petrobras had already made an adjustment this year, which was 1% in gas prices to distributors in February. He said that the transfer will be integral to the consumer, but the final value to the consumer will depend on the state:

– The higher price of gas will impact on vehicle gas and the mobility sector as a whole. These readjustments are very bad for the gas segment, which should be playing the leading role at the moment – said Mendonça.

Impact of up to 32% on industries

For industries, which consume about half of the country’s piped gas, the impact on the final price can range between 30% and 32%. Adrianno Lorenzon, Abrace’s gas manager, which gathers large consumers, said that, in addition to Petrobras’ readjustment, distributors are also making transfers due to the progress of the IGP-M, an index that is used as a reference for several contracts.

-These readjustments occur at a time when the industry is already experiencing uncertainties due to Covid-19. In some cases, such as the fertilizer sector, gas accounts for 80% of costs. In the case of glass, the cost reaches 40% – said Lorenzon.

In Rio de Janeiro, the Regulatory Agency for Energy and Basic Sanitation of the State of Rio (Agenersa) said that there was no tariff adjustment this year. The Agency pointed out that “the transfers resulting from the increase in natural gas by the supplier are analyzed in specific regulatory processes initiated based on the request for tariff recomposition that can be requested by the Ceg and Ceg Rio Concessionaires, Naturgy companies”. Sought, Naturgy has not yet returned.

With the price of oil rising and the dollar more expensive, Petrobras has been adjusting the prices of various products. This irritated President Jair Bolsonaro and led to the change of command of the company. The name of the company’s new president, the military officer Joaquim Silva e Luna, will be evaluated at a shareholders’ meeting on April 12.

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Since January, cooking gas has had four increases, with an increase of 22.7% in the year. According to data from the ANP, the increase for the consumer accumulated in 2021 is 11.4%.

– The price of LPG in the international market was pressured by several factors, such as high oil prices, severe winter in the Northern Hemisphere, accelerated demand for propane in petrochemicals in Asia and the high dollar against the real – explained Sérgio Bandeira Mello, president of Sindigás , the union that brings together LPG distribution companies.

He continues:

– The competition between LPG distributors and resellers has been containing the most accentuated increases for the kitchen gas consumer.

40% increase in gasoline in 2021

According to Petrobras and experts, the readjustment announced to the distributors today does not interfere with cylinder gas. Despite being the same raw material, LPG is a derivative of oil, produced at the refinery.

In addition, the price of LPG is quoted on the international market, which varies from day to day. Natural gas sold to distributors has readjustment formulas, which follow a quarterly calendar.

In the case of gasoline, the state company has already readjusted the fuel several times a year and, even with the recent reduction announced at the end of last month, the accumulated increase in refineries in 2021 is 40%. In the case of diesel, the accumulated increase is 36.13%.

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