More than 10 million statements submitted

More than 10 million statements submitted
More than 10 million statements submitted
The Federal Revenue Service received, until 11 am on Monday (5), 10,580,505 declarations of the Individual Income Tax (IRPF) 2021, base year 2020, of which 37,302 were delivered with a digital certificate.

The system for receiving tax returns works 20 hours a day, being unavailable between one and five o’clock in the morning. On the website of the agency, there is complete information on how to correctly complete the document, in addition to the rules on what can be used as deductions.

The taxpayer must pay attention to the delivery deadline, since, in the absence of the declaration, he may have a fine.

Suspended face-to-face service

The Federal Revenue Service suspended the face-to-face duty because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Guidance for taxpayers is to consult the My Income Tax page, prepared by the IRS itself to clarify the most common questions to be filled out.

Simple cases can also be solved after consulting the “Help” menu available in the IR 2021 filling program. For more complicated cases, it is worth downloading the “Question”, a document with more than 700 questions answered in detail. If the doubt is still not resolved, the way forward is to seek the “Talk to Us” service from the Revenue or the virtual faculties’ duty.

Ask university students for help

Taxpayers who are struggling to complete the 2021 Income Tax return can count on the free help of students and professors from the Accounting course at various colleges in the country. In times of pandemic, educational institutions and the Federal Revenue Service itself were forced to give up face-to-face service.

The solution was to offer virtual shifts, answering questions by e-mail and, in some cases, scheduling videoconferences with the taxpayer to answer questions and guide the completion of IR 2021.

It is important that at the time of the virtual attendance you have in hand the necessary documents to complete the declaration, such as income reports and proof of medical and educational expenses. If you filed an income tax return in 2020, have a copy of it too.

See the list of institutions in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais that are assisting taxpayers by email or video conference.

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