LinkedIn gives a week off to all employees for mental health

Photo: LinkedIn / Disclosure (5. Feb.2020)

Employees of the LinkedIn all over the world they are getting a week off paid starting on April 5th.

The entire company will take breaks as an opportunity to disconnect, recharge and prevent burnout.

“We wanted to make sure that we could give them something really valuable, and what we think is most valuable now is the time to distance ourselves from work,” said Teuila Hanson, director of human resources at LinkedIn, who joined the company in June.

Since everyone will be disconnected at the same time, this means that employees will not be inundated by emails, meeting notes and project requests piling up in your absence.

“You want the joy of your vacation to last a while when you get back,” said Hanson.

The week off extends to the majority of the company’s 15,900 full-time employees. A core team of employees will continue to work during the week, but they will be able to schedule time off later.

The company started operating remotely more than a year ago, as the pandemic was unfolding, and has been surveying its workers regularly. Last summer, surveys revealed a change in employee sentiment.

“I think the reality of the weight of the pandemic really took its toll during those months. It was a difficult time. That’s when we saw: ‘wow, there is a clear breakdown.'”

In response, the company created an initiative called LiftUp !, which includes burnout training for managers, days without a meeting and mental health resources.

(Translated text, click here to read the original and complete in English).


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