Platform makes acts of divorce and digital business soar in Campos – Campos 24 Horas

Platform makes acts of divorce and digital business soar in Campos – Campos 24 Horas
Platform makes acts of divorce and digital business soar in Campos – Campos 24 Horas

04/04/2021, 10h30, Photo: Reproduction.

The long period of continuous coexistence of couples during the pandemic and the facilitation of the divorce process in Notary Publics, now also carried out on the internet through the platform (, are reflected in Campos. (read more below)

The possibility of carrying out divorce deeds, buying and selling real estate, donations, wills, among other services of the notary publics, through the digital platform, established during the Covid-19 pandemic, significantly impacted the practice of these acts which registered an increase in 2020, with a 64.7% increase practiced digitally in the municipality. (read more below)

“This atypical year of 2020 has brought about many changes, both in the coexistence between people, as well as in the provision of services to citizens. The Notary Offices obtained national authorization to provide a series of services electronically, allowing citizens to solve their problems, both personal and property, without leaving home, contributing to social isolation and preventing situations of bad coexistence from remaining without. resolved, ”explains the president of the Colégio Notarial do Brasil – Rio Section, José Renato Vilarnovo Garcia.

Launched in June last year and managed by the Colégio Notarial do Brasil – Conselho Federal, the e-Notary platform allows citizens to perform various services through videoconference, without the need to travel, being able to access the notary directly by a computer, tablet or cell. Among the services already available, there are several types of deeds – buying and selling, divorces, donations, inventories, shares – wills, notary minutes, powers of attorney and digital authentication.

The growth of notarial acts in the second half of last year coincided with the start of the operation of the electronic platform, regulated by provision No. 100 of the National Council of Justice (CNJ).

In relation to the first half of 2020, the deeds of purchase and sale carried out directly in the notary offices of Campos grew 110%, while divorces increased 37%, and wills, 105%.

The municipality also registered a total of 57 acts done entirely electronically, 57 of which were deeds, powers of attorney and authenticated pages, and the month of August last year was the one with the largest number of digital services, 11.

IN THE STATE – Rio de Janeiro also recorded a total of 3,389 acts done entirely electronically, with 2,647 of them deeds and powers of attorney, and the month of December of last year was the one with the largest number of digital services, 421. The notary’s offices the state also practiced another 742 online authentications of documents through the electronic services platform.

A novelty launched at the end of last year, the module of the Notary Central for Digital Authentication (Cenad) allows the authentication of copies of documents in virtual format. Whether a document is originally digital, or even on paper, the platform allows it to be authenticated in PDF format, ensured by Notarchain, the Blockchain network of Brazilian notaries.

In just four months, in the State of Rio, more than 156 thousand pages have already been authenticated in virtual format, allowing citizens to send their documents through WhatsApp, e-mail or any other electronic form to public agencies or individuals and in order to close deals with the same value as the original physical document.

The demand for such a solution grows at a monthly average of 163%, having its well in the last month of February, in which more than 71 thousand pages were authenticated.

HOW TO MAKE A DIVORCE OR ANY OTHER ONLINE ACT – To perform the divorce in a Notary Public, the couple must be in agreement with the decision and not have legal disputes with children who are minors or incapacitated. The process can be carried out completely online, through the e-Notariado platform (, where the couple, in possession of a digital certificate issued free of charge by a Notary Office, can declare and express their will in a videoconference conducted by the notary.

The services of this platform are also available on mobile devices. Through e-Notary it is also possible to make wills, inventories, stable partnerships, deeds of purchase and sale and many other notarial acts. The values ​​are the same practiced in the face-to-face services and regulated in a table defined by state law.

Several other notarial acts such as deeds of purchase and sale, divorces, wills, stable unions, powers of attorney and many others, the citizen must act in the same way or have an ICP-Brasil standard certificate, the same used to send the Person’s Income Tax Physical.

With the digital certificate, the citizen must contact the preferred notary’s office and request the act. A link to the videoconference will be sent to the email indicated by the user.

After the video call, in which people are identified and their will is collected, the citizen can sign his document by computer or cell phone with a simple click.

For digital document authentication, the applicant will not need a digital certificate, that is, he will be able to deliver his physical document directly to the notary, who will transform it into a digitally authenticated PDF copy.

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