Braskem makes maintenance stop with injection of R $ 430 million

Braskem makes maintenance stop with injection of R $ 430 million
Braskem makes maintenance stop with injection of R $ 430 million
Braskem is located at the ABC Petrochemical Complex – Photo: disclosure

On Monday (4/4), Braskem will stop part of the operation at the ABC Petrochemical Complex, to carry out the maintenance of the Chemicals and Polyethylene units (Q3 CK, Q3 IN and PE7) for a period of around 50 days. The company informs that the measure was planned about two years ago and that it will invest more than R $ 430 million in about 40 improvement and maintenance projects of the complex.

The company informs that, in the period, it will modernize the electrical system that serves the Q3 CK petrochemical plant. The project foresees the exchange of steam-based turbines for high-performance electric motors, supported by a new energy cogeneration unit powered by residual gas from the petrochemical production process.

During the action, changes will occur in the operation of the flare, a torch that is a safe mechanism for burning gases used by chemical, petrochemical and refinery industries. The system will be activated with more intensity in the first days of maintenance, then it will be turned off and will return with more intensity at the end of the work. The procedure is fully controlled and poses no risk to the population.

According to the industry, the structural change will allow the production process of the factory to be more efficient, with a reduction in energy consumption estimated at the equivalent spent by a city with one million inhabitants.

Alberto Amano, responsible for projects in the São Paulo regional office, explains that, with the combined cogeneration of electricity and gas, Braskem will consume less energy and emit even less greenhouse gases. “The estimate is a reduction of 11.4% in water consumption and 6.3% in CO2 emissions at the unit, which reinforces our commitment to become a carbon neutral company by 2050”, he says. The company informs that, in order not to impact the supply of products, it planned to increase its inventory.

The stoppage of operations for maintenance is mandatory and occurs in determined periods to comply with Brazilian legislation NR13 and also for the implementation of improvements in quality and safety.

The company will maintain a channel to clarify possible doubts of the population, transmit information or contact the company in cases of emergency. The telephone number 0800 161 647 will be available 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Details on the action are available on the website maintenance.

Braskem is one of the ABC Petrochemical Pole companies and is responsible for supplying inputs, raw materials and strategic products to the entire Brazilian productive sector.

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