Expert gives tips to avoid problems in hiring payroll loan

Expert gives tips to avoid problems in hiring payroll loan
Expert gives tips to avoid problems in hiring payroll loan

The worsening of the pandemic and the increase in the supply of payroll loans are expected to cause an increase in the demand for loans.

With the entry into force of the provisional measure that increases from 35% to 40% the payroll loan margin for insured persons from the INSS (National Institute of Social Security), civil servants and the military, the projection of the INAF (National Institute of the Financial Agent) is that approximately R $ 100 billion be injected into the economy by the end of the year.

With lower interest rates and easier contracting, the modality is the hope for many Brazilians suffocated by the crisis. But to prevent the solution from becoming a new problem, it is necessary to take some precautions when carrying out the operation.

Credit market specialist Yasmin Melo, also president of INAF, makes some recommendations for anyone who is planning to take out a payroll loan. Check out.


Find out if the bank correspondent that is serving you is certified by Febraban (Brazilian Federation of Banks) or Anesp (National Association of Professionals and Credit Promotion Companies and Correspondents in the Country).

Release of values

Be wary of releasing very high amounts that exceed your loan margin.


Do not make advance payments. Accredited companies do not even require an advance deposit to release the loan. Be wary. Any advance payment for the release of a payroll loan is fraud.

Check information

Check your company information. Check the address, phone number and find out if the company has complaints from other customers.

Remember that because of the pandemic, many companies have adopted the home office. The suggestion is to make a video call to get to know the person and the company that are attending.

Payroll loans

Yasmin explains that payroll loans are one of the cheapest and most accessible to the population.

“Credit transforms lives. And in times of crisis, such as the one caused by the pandemic, with rising unemployment and falling income, access to credit is one of the quickest ways to help citizens. Access to credit allows him to pay his bills and buy again, moving the economy ”, he says.

However, the expert points out that despite all the advantages, the sport is seen as a major villain of the financial system due to irregular practices committed by a minority.

To increasingly professionalize the sector, INAF has carried out training and training courses.

“The banking correspondent class has existed for decades and has been banking on an audience that until then had been forgotten by large institutions. But on a daily basis we have to fight an insistent campaign installed against the sector, in addition to countering erroneous acts attributed to the category ”, he says.

Brazil has more than 1.5 million bank correspondents, responsible for almost 50% of the payroll-deductible loans released in the country.

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