The next Hummer EV SUV has arrived! It is electric and has 480 km of autonomy

The next Hummer EV SUV has arrived! It is electric and has 480 km of autonomy
The next Hummer EV SUV has arrived! It is electric and has 480 km of autonomy
Everyone recognizes the Hummer and their unique ability in the automotive world. These were devourers of fuel, as well as true forces unique to the off-road field. These cars were impressive, but not always on the positive side.

GMC, its creator, wanted to keep these cars active, but adapted them to more modern times. Thus, we now have another electrical proposal coming on the market. The Hummer has evolved and is now on the market again, but now as a new electric SUV.


GMC has news from Hummer

It was already known that Hummer was going to return to the market with its cars. Natural evolution would be its electrification, making it more environmentally friendly and, above all, more adapted to today. To reinforce its offer, the Hummer EV SUV now appears.

This new proposal reinforces GMC's offer, but changing the brand's strategy. In addition to the previous proposal, open box and dedicated to cargo, a Hummer is now completely closed and more dedicated to passengers.

Top specifications on this electric

This new model promises a range of 480 km and reaches a speed of 100 km / h in just 3.5 seconds. It will be equipped with 3 motors, powered by 20 battery modules, which support charging from 8000V up to 300 kW.

The price of this first model of the new Hummer is not reduced and reaches $ 110,595. In addition to these, there will be 2 more models that will cost 90,000 and 80,000 dollars. Some of these models will have slightly less autonomy.

Plans for delivery of new cars

In terms of delivery times, GMC has defined plans. The new Hummer will start shipping in 2023. The rest of the models will arrive later, with plans for the end of 2023 and the spring of 2024.

As in the pickup, the Hummer's SUV model will certainly have some unique features. We are talking about Extract Mode, which raises the vehicle 15 centimeters, SuperCruise, the hands-free driving system and the CrabWalk system, which can move the car diagonally.

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