Emergency aid: 1st installment from R $ 150 to R $ 375 begins

Emergency aid: 1st installment from R $ 150 to R $ 375 begins
Emergency aid: 1st installment from R $ 150 to R $ 375 begins
Emergency aid: 1st installment from R $ 150 to R $ 375 starts to be paid from this Tuesday, April 6th. According to information from the Federal Government, the release will happen for those born in January. On Thursday, April 9, payments will be released to those born in February. The withdrawals for these two groups will take place in the month of May.

The amount of R $ 150 will be paid to the worker who lives alone, while the amount of R $ 250 will be paid to most beneficiaries (couples with or without children). Finally, women who are heads of household will receive R $ 375.

To find out if you will be entitled, the Federal Government released the name of new beneficiaries that will participate in the new payment phase of the emergency aid. To consult, it is necessary to access the Dataprev Consultation Portal. After that, insert data such as CPF, full name, date of birth and mother’s name. By adding this information, the system will automatically reveal whether the applicant’s name will be on the list of recipients or not. Consultation website – here

In addition, if the result is not positive, it will be possible to contest. Therefore, the Ministry of Citizenship will make a revaluation. First, the citizen must click on “Contest”, after verifying that his name is not on the approved list. But be careful, the deadline is until the day April 12th.

Emergency aid: What is needed to receive?

In order to receive emergency assistance, the worker must not be formally employed. In addition, Brazilians should not receive any social security, assistance, labor or federal income transfer program benefits, except for the PIS / PASEP bonus and the Bolsa Família benefits.

Initially, he will also not be able to have an indication of death in the National Civil Registry Information System – SIRC or in the Death Control System – Sisobi or have the CPF linked, as an institute, to the granting of a death pension of any kind; or be imprisoned in a closed regime or have the CPF linked, as the institution, to the granting of imprisonment assistance.

The release will happen for informal workers and Bolsa Família beneficiaries. In addition, those who have a family income of up to three minimum wages, that is, R $ 3,300, who have a family income per person of up to half a minimum wage (R $ 550) will receive payment; and who received the aid in 2020.

12 payments in April

The Federal Government confirmed that no less than 12 payments of emergency aid will be released in 2021. That is, the payments will be made available to those born from January to December, which concludes that they will be all beneficiaries.

See the 12 April payments

  • April 6: Born in January
  • April 9: Born in February
  • April 11: Born in March
  • April 13: Born in April
  • April 15: Born in May
  • April 18: Born in June
  • April 20: Born in July
  • April 22: Born in August
  • April 25: Born in September
  • April 27: Born in October
  • April 29: Born in November
  • April 30: Born in December

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