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The e-commerce giant attacked an American congressman after a pee bottle tweet. Now the company admits that it was wrong. – We owe the representative an apology.

NOISE: Drivers driving for Amazon may have to resort to bottles to do their thing. Now the company will find other opportunities.

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Published: Published: Less than 50 minutes ago

– Paying employees $ 15 an hour does not make you a “progressive workplace” when you oppose unions and get employees to urinate in water bottles.

That’s what Democrat Mark Pocan, a member of the House of Representatives, wrote when he responded to Amazon CEO Dave Clark on March 25 in a Twitter message.

Just over an hour after Pocan’s tweet, the Amazon News account, which is operated by the company, responds.

– You really do not believe in peeing in the bottle thing, do you ?! If it were true, no one would work for us, the company wrote in the message you can read below.

Noise in social media

It was just a problem.

Especially during the pandemic, it has become a challenge for American e-commerce drivers to do their part. Many public toilets are closed to prevent the spread of infection.

The case caused a stir on social media, and just over a week later, Amazon was forced to apologize.

– This was an end in itself, we are unhappy about it, and we owe Representative Pocan an apology, Amazon writes in a post on its own website.

The company admits, among other things, that the tweet is not correct, as it focuses on employees at the warehouses and not the drivers. It further explains that these workplaces have good toilet facilities, and asks employees to contact their managers if they have a different opinion.

– May have problems finding a toilet

In addition, the company adds that the tweet was not well enough reviewed, and that it must be particularly accurate when criticizing other people’s comments.

– We know that employees may have problems finding toilets due to traffic or on remote routes, and this has been particularly difficult under Covid when many public toilets have been closed, Amazon writes.

The company believes that the problem applies to the entire industry, and is not just specific to them.

– Even though the fact is that the problem applies to the entire industry, we would like to solve it. We still do not know how, but we will look for solutions, writes Amazon.

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Published: April 5, 2021 10:10 AM

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