False nurse who promoted clandestine vaccination in BH has a history of scams | Fantastic

False nurse who promoted clandestine vaccination in BH has a history of scams | Fantastic
False nurse who promoted clandestine vaccination in BH has a history of scams | Fantastic

After an investigation, the Federal Police came to the woman who appears to be applying the alleged vaccines: Cláudia Monica Pinheiro Torres de Freitas, 54, who has a history of scams.

A woman who did not want to be identified and worked with Claudia as a caregiver for the elderly, talked to Fantástico and said that it is not until today that the false nurse applied blows: “I started working with her, gave shifts. We started to charge money, she made excuses, made up stories that she was stolen, that there was no way to give the money. People said she was kind of dangerous, that she was involved with people who were dangerous, and we were afraid to even go after of the money she had to receive for that very reason. What she was capable of doing “.

This was not the only time that Cláudia would have disappeared with the money of the others. Fantástico found out that there are several lawsuits against her in court. In one of the cases taken to the police, one of the victims says he lost R $ 20,000.

In the office of one of the owners of the garage where the applications took place, the PF found a list with 57 names and times that would be for vaccination. Most of these people live in luxurious neighborhoods and gated communities in the metropolitan region of BH. In the list, there are names of lawyers, a doctoral student, a dentist and four relatives of former senator Clésio Andrade, who denies having received the immunizer. Directors of the bus companies’ unions in the region and businesspeople in the transportation industry are also on the list.

In an excerpt from the testimony he gave to the police, businessman Rômulo Lessa, who owns a bus company and, according to investigations, one of the organizers of the vaccination scheme, says that Cláudia charged R $ 600 for the alleged vaccines and that she stopped reply to messages after the first application.

Substances found at Cláudia’s house were taken for examination and the laboratory analysis concluded that the material found was not a vaccine. It was simply saline. In other words, for the police, everything suggests that, in addition to being a false nurse, she also applied a false vaccine, a substance that has no effect against the coronavirus.

Justice converted Claudia’s arrest from flagrante delicto to preventive while investigations continue. This Saturday (3), she had the request for habeas corpus accepted and was released provisionally. In a statement, Cláudia’s defense said that “she has already taken legal measures in pursuit of her constitutional right to respond to investigations in freedom”.

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