Lorenza was in love with her children and her husband, say friends

Lorenza was in love with her children and her husband, say friends
Lorenza was in love with her children and her husband, say friends

“Mother of five beloved children, married to the best husband in the world and servant of a living God!” This is the phrase that Lorenza Maria Silva Pinto, who died last Friday (2), at the age of 41, used to describe herself in the profile she created on Twitter in 2019. According to friends, who did not want to identify herself, she was very passionate about her family and her husband, the prosecutor André Luis Garcia de Pinho. However, not everything was perfect as the couple, who had been together for about 20 years, used to demonstrate in public.

Lorenza was dedicated to her husband and their five children – 2, 7, 10, 15 and 17 years old. However, according to reports heard by the report of THE TIME, she and André “were only happy on social media” and that the relationship hadn’t been going well for some time. According to reports, Lorenza never said if she suffered any kind of physical aggression. The complaints were often about her brother-in-law, brother of André de Pinho, who threatened them and “made their lives hell.”

Conservative Catholic, she used social media to talk about religion and express her political position. Lorenza also used the profiles to talk about her mother, who died in 2011 of cancer, to whom she was very close, some friends said.

Lorenza had no relatives who lived in Belo Horizonte. Her twin sister, Amanda, lives in Rio de Janeiro. Her father, Marco Aurélio Silva, 72, lives in Uberaba, in the Minas Gerais Triangle, with his current wife. The two arrived in the capital of Minas Gerais on Saturday (3), after the death of Lorenza. They followed the arrest of André Luis Garcia de Pinho, this Sunday morning – he was arrested on suspicion of involvement in Lorenza’s death – and, for the time being, are taking care of his grandchildren. (With Gabriel Rodrigues)

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