Iran refuses talks with US during expected meeting in Vienna

Iran refuses talks with US during expected meeting in Vienna
Iran refuses talks with US during expected meeting in Vienna

“We will not have direct or indirect talks with the Americans in Vienna. We will negotiate with the joint commission and the 4 + 1 countries, and tell them our requirements and conditions for returning to JCPOA [sigla do original inglês para pacto nuclear, Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action]”, stressed the deputy foreign minister and negotiator, Abbas Araqchi.

The Iranian official clarified, in statements to the state media, that the Iranian delegation will meet in Vienna with the other JCPOA member countries (Russia, China, France, the United Kingdom and Germany), but will not maintain any contact with the United States, as had been speculated.

The US delegation in Vienna is expected to remain outside the meeting room and hold structured meetings of the working group with the other signatories, but not with Iran.

The U.S. unilaterally withdrew from the nuclear deal in 2018, and reinstated sanctions on Iran, which, in retaliation, began in 2019 to reduce compliance with its obligations under the pact, which limits Iran’s atomic program.

“Our demand is that the United States first fulfill all its obligations and lift all the sanctions it has imposed and, after that, we will verify them and we will return [aos nossos compromissos]”, these Araqchi.
The deputy foreign minister also commented that the talks with the so-called 4 + 1 in Vienna are “purely technical about the sanctions to be lifted and the measures to be taken by Iran”.

“I would also like to say that we do not accept any ‘step-by-step’ plans. In our opinion, there is only one step, which is the elimination of all the sanctions that the US has reinstituted after Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the agreement,” he said. .

The arrival of Democrat Joe Biden in the White House has given hope for the possibility of maintaining the JCPOA but, so far, progress is minimal due to divergent positions on Washington’s plan for both the United States and Iran to take synchronized steps to return to the United States. covenant.

On the talks in Vienna, State Department spokesman Ned Price said on Friday that they are “a healthy step”, although they do not expect immediate progress, and that his country is open to holding direct talks. with Tehran.

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