Japan plans to cooperate with US to ease tensions between China and Taiwan – International

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said on Sunday that the country would cooperate with the United States to calm tensions between China and Taiwan. In his assessment, peace and stability in Taiwan are fundamental for the entire region. Suga is scheduled to meet with the US president in Washington next week, on Joe Biden’s first presidential summit since taking office in January.

“It is important that Japan and the United States cooperate and use deterrence to create an environment where Taiwan and China can find a peaceful solution,” Suga said on Sunday.

Taiwan is expected to be on the agenda for the Washington meeting, while leaders are looking for ways to deal with the worsening friction. Chinese warplanes continue to be seen in Taiwan’s airspace, and China has protested an agreement to strengthen cooperation between US and Taiwan coast guards. Japan regards China’s activity as a security threat and opposes Beijing’s claim on the territory of Taiwan and the Japanese-controlled Senkaku Islands. On the other hand, China still claims ownership of practically the entire South China Sea, although Chinese officials say they are only defending their territorial rights and deny expansionist ambitions.

Suga added that he hopes to present a vision to promote order in the region and discuss ways to cooperate in policies towards North Korea. In addition, the fight against the pandemic and climate change are also on the agenda. The Japanese prime minister, who set a goal to neutralize the country’s carbon footprint by 2050, said he hoped to cooperate closely with Biden to jointly lead international efforts on the environment.


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