Marcelo, “preventive savior” of laws, budgets, country and surroundings | Editorial

Marcelo, “preventive savior” of laws, budgets, country and surroundings | Editorial
Marcelo, “preventive savior” of laws, budgets, country and surroundings | Editorial
At the press conference he gave this Sunday when visiting an informal caregiver – and drawing the attention of the Government to the much that remains to be done in this chapter – Marcelo used the word “save” several times. He “saved” laws, “saved” budgets and is now undertaking “preventive salvation” in order to get the next two budgets passed and a political crisis not to open. The promulgation of diplomas that violate the brake law and that put a furious Costa to send the laws to the Constitutional Court had, said the President, that objective. In the message, he had already called for the minority government to have a dialogue – which, by the way, is of the most elementary clairvoyance and Costa’s obsession with governing as if he had an absolute majority has not brought anything good so far, even though the polls continue to be very supportive of it. Marcelo has taken quite a beating these days, with all the constitutionalists converging on what promulgated an unconstitutional law. The point is that not only did the majority of Parliament pass the laws (one of them even had the support of the PS), but last year – recalled Marcelo – the supplementary budget had more revenues than expenses and nobody was bothered.

The President also recalled that the Constitution has “values ​​of social justice” there. In a year in which the Government, because of the pandemic, prohibited the right to work for a very high number of Portuguese – “Everyone has the right to work”, according to article 58 of the Constitution – the suspension of this constitutional right makes it even more necessary to “Values ​​of social justice” that the Constitution establishes.

The idea of ​​a President acting in the name of the “preventive salvation” of State Budgets is still “creative”, as the PM would say. After the bloc’s removal, it remains very likely that the PCP and PAN will continue to make the budgets of the minority government feasible. But, at times, historical accelerations occur and the next municipal elections can be a turning point – the transfiguration of the PCP from a street party into an even-more-institutional-than-before party has resulted in significant electoral losses.

Ordinary people understand the need for more social support because they have a skin crisis. Portugal is one of the countries, at European level, that spent less in combating the devastating effects of Covid. And in terms of responding to the crisis, the European Union has been a dwarf, compared to the giant response from the United States. Ah, there are also other things in the Constitution that nobody cares about. See article 72: “Elderly people are entitled to economic security and housing conditions”. Or article 65: “Everyone has the right, for themselves and their family, to adequate housing”. We have a country that is quite unconstitutional.

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