Donald Trump and Barack Obama baseball

Donald Trump and Barack Obama baseball
Donald Trump and Barack Obama baseball
FROM major American national sports unravel for Donald Trump and the Republicans. Last summer, American football and the NFL threw themselves into the presidential campaign as the wave of protests in “Black Lives Matter” exploded after the murder of George Floyd. On every court, American football players went down on their knees against social injustice:

We should stand with our backs straight, with a greeting, or our hands on our hearts. There are other things you can protest against, but not our American flag – NO KNEELING!, Trump tweeted along the way, but it was in vain.

The biggest TV sport mobilized for what was to be by far the largest turnout in US history, and a crushing defeat for the incumbent president.

Now the important baseball follows in a new political mark:

  • The season’s major sporting highlight has been moved out of Georgia in protest of the state’s new highly controversial election law.

It’s another loss of prestige for Donald Trump and a victory for Barack Obama, who has long fought for baseball as a tool for social change:

Boycott baseball, Trump urges his supporters, but the wind over the United States no longer blows his way.

FOR this is a historic battle over new, stricter election laws with the two ex-presidents on either side. After the Democrats in the presidential election last year outclassed the Republicans by more than 7 million in total votes, the Republicans are trying to introduce new, stricter election laws in the states where they have the majority.

Georgia is first out. It was here that Jo Biden surprisingly won in November as the first Democratic presidential candidate since 1992.

The distance down to Donald Trump, after several polls, was only 11,779 votes, and was central to Trump’s insane campaign to reverse the US presidential election. “The big lie” became the name of his denial of the election result. Exactly that has a dark historical reference, but then it was also democracy that was at stake in the United States for a few weeks.

Ugly bang for Trump

ALT The uproar Trump launched over an alleged widespread cheating in Republican-ruled Georgia led to the re-election of senators from that state two months later.

Then the Democrats mobilized so well in the big cities, that the Republican Party lost both Senate seats and with the very majority in the Senate.

It was a total failure for both the party and Donald Trump.

Brutal TV numbers

NEVERTHELESS left the Republicans with the political majority in the state itself, and has now used this to change the rules for elections in a way that the Democrats believe restricts the citizens’ right to vote:

This is a Jim Crow on steroids, was President Joe Biden’s characteristic of Georgia’s new election law.

“Jim Crow” was originally a derogatory nickname for black Americans, and became the term for the gradually hated voting rules in the Southern States from 1870 that reduced the ability of blacks to exercise the right to vote they received after the abolition of slavery in the United States.

The last of these racial rules disappeared through the civil rights struggle in the 1960s. When the ugly term “Jim Crow” is used again to formulate new voting rights rules, it tells about the feelings in this discussion.

And about how important American elite sports have become in politics.

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FOR When the Republican majority in Georgia last week passed practical restrictions on electoral laws to make it harder for big city residents to exercise their right to vote, Democrats responded by calling for national action.

The call was quickly heard by the management of the important professional baseball series (MLB) which in protest canceled the traditional “All Star match” to be played in Georgia’s capital Atlanta on July 13.

This match is called the “Midsummer Classic”, and is an annual historical highlight in the American national sport of baseball. Hitting a political party through such a powerful tool is something completely new in American sports.

– New steps into «koko-land»

AT The action comes in baseball shows how strong the reaction is now against the new election law in Georgia. While this sport has a long history as a front fighter for equal rights in the United States, it is basketball that during Trump’s period has fronted the social actions.

When American football followed suit last summer, baseball and MLB were occasionally criticized for failing in their historic position as a clear social player. This is a sport with a significant South American import, but where the national American stars are often white and come from rural areas.

Now, however, there was no doubt anymore. With new election laws, the sport came back strongly:

Major League Baseball supports the basic right to vote for all Americans and is opposed to reducing the number of ballot boxes, said MLB boss Rob Manfred as he stroked Atlanta as the organizer of the All Star match:

This is the best way to show the values ​​of the sport, mind have.

And then we’re over to Barack Obama.

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FOR Obama has long been a champion of this sport’s social profile. It was he who last year fronted the campaign for the 100th anniversary of “The Negro League” and emphasized how this sports work had paved the way for human rights in the United States.

And it was Barack Obama who paid tribute to baseball legend Hank Aaron in January when one of the sport’s greatest died at the age of 86:

He’s one of the strongest people I’ve ever met, Obama said, recalling how Aaron had to fight his way through his sport just because he was black:

As a child of Jim Crow of the Southern States, Hank dropped out of school and joined the “Negro League”. When he eventually got into Major League Baseball and started chasing Babe Ruth’s records, he was sent racist letters and death threats. Letters he read again decades later just to remind himself not to be surprised or hurt, Obama told about the baseball star who characterized the civil rights struggle in the 1960s.

CRAZY ATTACK: The baseball player who carried out this attack lost his place on the team as well as at school.
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HANK AARON had the record in the number of “home runs” until 2007. But since the new record holder Barry Bonds was a suspected doper, Aaron is still considered by experts to be the sport’s leader.

He moved to Atlanta in 1966 and played for the local Braves, the club that should have hosted this big game in July. It was in Georgia that he completed his home run record. It gives Hank Aaron great symbolic power into the discussion about the state’s new election law, something Barak Obama emphasized in a tweet message yesterday:

Congratulations to MLB for standing up for the rights of all citizens. There is no better way for American sports to honor the great Hank Aaron who always led through his own example, Obama wrote.

It is a rough blow for Donald Trump who must see another of the national sport choose the side of the opponents.

EXACTLY the political actions of American football became important in the run-up to the presidential election to mobilize for the Democrats’ victory. The battle for individual states’ voting rights rules has just begun.

In Georgia, MLB’s decision has been followed by the state’s largest private business. Both Coca-Cola and the airline Delta have sharply criticized the new election law:

Boycott baseball and all the active companies that interfere in free and fair elections. Do you hear Coke, Delta and everyone else !, tweeted Donald Trump via the twitter account of his political action committee Save America.

But that salvation certainly no longer comes with him.

For now, a painful loss awaits Obama.

Tackled by the football noise

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