Tiago Reis shaves beard, hair and mustache at Raulino de Oliveira and commands Vasco’s victory over Bangu

This Saturday was the day of the chase. After performances that displeased the crowd, Tiago Reis scored three times, Vasco won Bangu by 4 to 2, in Volta Redonda, and entered the fight for a spot in the semifinal of the Guanabara Cup.

Open score and tie
The 20 minutes had basically nothing. But at 22, Figueiredo kicked a cross and the goalkeeper saved. At 31, Vasco missed the ball, Geovani launched Luis Araújo, Cayo Tenório failed to win in the body and the shot dislocated Lucão. Scoreboard open. Five minutes later, Cruz-Maltino had a penalty in his favor by hand on the ball. Tiago Reis charged badly, the goalkeeper saved, but the rebound came back at the feet of the center forward, who drew the match

Again he
With less than two minutes of the second half, Riquelme was in the bottom, crossed, the goalkeeper faltered on the ball and Tiago Reis tested for the empty goal. And at 17, Andrey, who had just entered, landed a strong kick on the crossbar.

He doesn’t stop
Right after the technical stop, Marcelo Cabo’s team made an engaging move on the right, and Cayo Tenório found Tiago Reis, who scored his third, at 23. But the tranquility lasted only five minutes: once again Cruz-Maltino suffered with the defensive aerial ball. Gabriel Cividini lowered the score, with a header, to 3 to 2.

What game is this!?
And as the second half was really busy, on the next move, a knockout ended in submission by Galarza. Offside, Pec completed for the goal. As the assistant did not mark the irregularity, 4 to 2 for Vasco. There was still time for Tiago Reis to almost score the fourth, but the Bangu goalkeeper made a great save.


Stadium: São Januário, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Date and time: April 4, 2021, at 9:05 pm
Referee: Yuri Elino Ferreira da Cruz
Assistants: Silbert Faria Sisquim and Raphael Carlos de Almeida Tavares dos Reis
Yellow cards: Lucão, Andrey, Bruno Gomes, Laranjeira and Riquelme; Jean Carlos and Luis Araújo.
Red cards: There was not.

GOALS: Luis Araújo, at 31 ‘/ 1st Q (0-1); Tiago Reis, at 36 ‘/ 1ºT (1-1), at 1’ / 2ºT (2-1) and at 23 ‘/ 2ºT (3-1); Gabriel Cividini, at 28 ‘/ 2º T (3-2); and Gabriel Pec, at 29 ‘/ 2º T (4-2).

BASQUE: Lucão, Cayo Tenório, Miranda, Ricardo Graça and Riquelme (Zeca, 14 ‘/ 2º T); Bruno Gomes (Andrey, 15 ‘/ 2ºT) and Juninho (Galarza, 14’ / 2ºT); João Pedro (Carlinhos, 39 ‘/ 2ºT), Laranjeira (Gabriel Pec, 26’ / 2ºT) and Figueiredo; Tiago Reis – Technical: Marcelo Cabo.

BANGU: Paulo Henrique, Digão, Gabriel Cividini, Leo Griggio and Gil; Marcelo Mattos (Matheus Olavo, 19 ‘/ 2nd Q) and Geancarlo; Daniel (Rochinha, 20 ‘/ 2ºT), Geovani (Rafael Carioca, 27’ / 2ºT) and Luis Araújo (Alessandro Scheppa, 27 ‘/ 2ºT); Jean Carlos (Adenilson, 27 ‘/ 2nd Q) – Technical: Marcelo Marelli.

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