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After more than three months in the United States, dealing with an injury to his right knee, Leo is very close to returning to Brazil. The player’s arrival in Belo Horizonte is scheduled for this beginning of the month. The situation with Cruzeiro, with whom he has a contract until December 2022, has yet to be defined. O give brings details of the player’s recovery.

Léo hasn’t played since September of last year, when he started in Cruzeiro’s 3-1 defeat by CSA, in Series B. Days later, the club announced a cartilage injury, with bone edema in the player’s right knee. In December, the statement that he would undergo treatment in Chicago, in the United States. Léo’s departure for the North American country took place on the eve of Christmas, on December 23rd. The costs, as announced by the club at the time, have been entirely the defender’s.

The idea of ​​performing the treatment outside the club came from the player. After three months of conventional treatment without the expected result, Cruzeiro indicated that he opted for surgery. Henrique, for example, underwent a procedure to correct a knee cartilage injury last February. He does work with Cruzeiro’s physiotherapy at this time.

Léo and his staff, with permission from Cruzeiro, looked for conservative treatment alternatives so that he could make the recovery, finding a performance center in Chicago. Rodrigo Dourado, Internacional’s midfielder, also made a recovery there. The injury was different, but also in the knee. The references passed by the gaucho to Léo were decisive for the option of the cruzeirense.

1 of 3 Léo, from Cruzeiro, undergoes treatment in the United States – Photo: Reproduction

Léo, from Cruzeiro, undergoes treatment in the United States – Photo: Reproduction

The recovery of the Cruzeiro defender has been done in three periods a day, with 12 hours of activities, between the orthopedic treatment of the injury and muscle strengthening work. The player even eats meals at the specialized recovery center. Leo did not come to Brazil in the past three months.

Cruzeiro has followed the treatment closely, with periodic consultations to the player by video call. The physical aspect of Léo has attracted attention, and the recovery happened more quickly than expected, from the moment when there was the option for conservative treatment of the injury.

In an interview with give, Léo said that he has been feeling very well, after little more than three months in treatment in the United States. According to the defender, he no longer feels pain, even in the work of strength and running.

“I am feeling very well. I am carrying out, under the supervision of Dr. Stuart Hui, the strengthening process, doing various physical activities of strength and running. I am very confident and without pain”

The situation with Cruzeiro is still undefined. There will still be a meeting with the board, but Felipe Conceição has already made it clear that he intends to count on Léo, Henrique and Ariel Cabral, if it is financially possible. The defender, specifically, reiterates his desire to stay at Toca to return the club to Serie A and says that the treatment away from his family and Brazil are proof of this effort.

– My expectation is to get back to doing what I like most, which is to play football, as soon as possible. Everyone knows of my feeling for Cruzeiro and my sadness with the situation that the club is going through. I chose to stay. I had proposals to leave, but it didn’t cross my mind.

“I want to help take Cruzeiro back to the place I should never have left. And I made all this effort for that. It’s been more than three months out of the country at a difficult time worldwide, treating every day with a lot of dedication to conquer not only my goals, but mainly those of the club “

2 of 3 Léo and Henrique win another trophy with the jersey of Cruzeiro – Photo: Agência I7

Léo and Henrique win another trophy with the jersey of Cruzeiro – Photo: Agência I7

Last season, Léo played 21 games and scored a goal. Throughout his career with the Cruzeiro shirt, he won two editions of the Brazilian Championship (2013 and 2014), two of the Brazilian Cup (2017 and 2018) and four of the Mineiro Championship (2011, 2014, 2018 and 2019).

3 of 3 Five Star Partner – Cruzeiro – Photo: Disclosure

Five Stars Partner – Cruzeiro – Photo: Disclosure

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