Caio asks Fiuk to be careful to choose the angel

Caio and Fiuk were in the kitchen of “BBB 2021” (TV Globo) talking about the angel that the singer won this afternoon with Gilberto. The farmer asked if his brother already knew who they were going to give the immunity to.

“Difficult, right?” Asked Caio. Fiuk replied: “Especially different”.

Caio then began to advise his brother: “You have a great deal of power in your hand. You have to be careful.”

“That’s what I’m taking care of. It looks like it’s simple, but it’s not, no,” says Fiuk, adding that he can go to the wall because of the choice.

Sometimes, you take an option from the crowd, there you go or he

“You have to know if the option of the guys was yours. You have to know how to play the game”, emphasizes Caio.

Fiuk and Gilberto won the tasting of the angel together this afternoon. The two chose Caio and Rodolffo to carry out the punishment of the monster of the week and will need to reach a consensus to choose who will immunize.

Earlier, the two talked about the choice on the lawn and Gil suggested that they give Juliette immunity.

Heaven’s gift! Remember all the angels that ‘BBB 21’ ever had

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Rodolffo was the 1st angel

The country singer was the first angel of the season in a test with cans of paint. He even wrote a message on the floor after winning the dispute.

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BBB 21: Caio on wall formation night - Reproduction / Globoplay

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Caio was the immunized

Rodolffo chose to immunize his friend, Caio. In his justification, the brother said that he was his “new arrival” at the house.

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BBB 21: Carla Dias wins the angel competition - Reproduction / Globoplay

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Carla was the 2nd angel

Carla won the second test of the angel in a dynamic of luck. In addition to the powers of the angel, the sister also won R $ 10,000.

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Carla Diaz at BBB 21 - Reproduction / TV Globo

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She immunized Camilla de Lucas

“My necklace goes to someone who’s always been able to hear me,” said Carla when giving immunity to Camilla de Lucas, her friend at the house.

Playback / TV Globo

BBB 21: Caio wins the angel competition - Reproduction / Globoplay

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Caio was the 3rd angel

Caio won the third angel in a test of skill. The farmer earned R $ 5,000 and was able to send R $ 5,000 to someone outside the house, in addition to all the powers of the angel.

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BBB 21: Rodolffo on training night for the third wall - Reproduction / Globoplay

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Rodolffo won immunity

Time to give back! Caius gave the angel to Rodolffo, who immunized him in the first week of the program.

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BBB 21: Caio wins proof of the angel - Reproduction Globoplay

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Caio was an angel again

Again! For the second week in a row, Caio won the angel in a memory test. Again he won R $ 5,000, plus R $ 5,000 for someone outside the house, in addition to a 55-inch 4k TV.

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Caio immunizes Rodolffo - Reproduction / TV Globo

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Rodolffo immune again

Also for the second week in a row, Caio immunized his friend Rodolffo.

Playback / TV Globo

Caio in the angel test - Globoplay Reproduction

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Caio was an angel for the 3rd time

You can order music at Fantástico! Caius conquered the angel for three consecutive weeks. Once again, the farmer raised R $ thousand and sent R $ 5,000 to someone outside the house.

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Thaís at BBB 21 - Reproduction / Globoplay

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The angel was autoimmune …

In a prank made by Tiago Leifert, Caio even explained why he would give the angel to Thaís and even gave the immunity necklace to his sister, but the angel was autoimmune.

Playback / Globoplay

BBB 21: Arthur in the Angel competition - Globoplay Reproduction

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Arthur beat the angel

Even with an immobilized arm, Arthur won the test of the angel whose main skill required was aiming. In addition to his powers as an angel, he won R $ 10,000.

Globoplay Playback

Projota and Arthur - Reproduction / Globoplay

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Projota was the immunized

In a controversial choice, Arthur preferred to immunize Projota instead of Carla Diaz, his affair at home. The decision of the crossfiteiro took the actress to the wall, which was false.

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BBB 21: Projota wins angel competition - Reproduction / Globoplay

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Projota was the angel

One week immune, the next angel. In another memory test, Projota got the better of it and besides the chance to give the immunity necklace to someone, his brother won a 0 km car.

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BBB 21: Projota immunizes Arthur - Reproduction / Globoplay

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And returned it to Arthur

Once again the angel was returned. This time, Projota immunized Arthur, as he had done the previous week.

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BBB 21: Viih Tube wins angel competition - Reproduction / Globoplay

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Viih Tube won the 8th angel

Viih Tube won the most memory test. The sister won R $ 5,000 in prizes and another R $ 5,000 in products from the sponsors.

Playback / Globoplay

Viih Tube immunizes Thaís with an angel necklace - Reproduction / TV Globo

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Thaís was immunized

Viih chose to immunize Thaís, her best friend in the game. In her speech, she said she was not motivated only by friendship, but because Thaís “deserved it”.

Playback / TV Globo

BBB 21: Thaís is the new BBB angel - Reproduction / Globoplay

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Thaís won the 9th angel

Thaís won the race for the Easter theme theme, which was lucky. The sister also won R $ 5,000 in purchases on the sponsor’s app.

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BBB 21: Thaís immunizes Viih - Reproduction / Globoplay

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And also returned the angel

As is already customary in the program, Thaís returned the angel to her friend, Viih Tube, who had immunized her the week before.

Playback / Globoplay

BBB 21: Fiuk and Gilberto win the angel - Reproduction / Globoplay

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BBB 21: Fiuk and Gilberto win the angel

Playback / Globoplay

Who will the leader Viih Tube indicate to the wall?

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