Salles to ask US $ 1 billion to fight deforestation in the Amazon

Salles to ask US $ 1 billion to fight deforestation in the Amazon
Salles to ask US $ 1 billion to fight deforestation in the Amazon
Environment Minister Ricardo Salles said in an interview with the newspaper The State of S. Paulo published this Saturday (03.20.2021), which will ask the United States for US $ 1 billion to combat deforestation in the Amazon. He stated that with the amount, it will reduce up to 40% of deforestation in the Amazon in 12 months.

Salles said the plan will be presented to the US government at the Climate Leaders Summit, a meeting called by U.S. President Joe Biden, who invited Brazilian counterpart Jair Bolsonaro and 39 other leaders to discuss climate issues.

“The plan is US $ 1 billion for 12 months, one third for command and control actions, and two thirds for economic development actions, payment for environmental services, precisely in those places where there will be stronger command and control actions. Giving these people who will be inspected in those regions, who will undergo the most intense inspections, an economical alternative so that it is not so inviting to return to illegality ”, said the minister to the Estadão.

“If we have US $ 1 billion to place as of May 1, when Verde Brasil leaves, we will assume this system. If this feature is available for us to use in this way, we commit to reducing 30% to 40% in 12 months. There is no point in making training agreements, somewhat intangible things in which the number is just something apparent ”, stated.

While still a candidate for the White House, Joe Biden said he would donate money to fight deforestation in the Amazon and threatened to sanction Brazil if the country did not “Stop deforesting”.

“Brazil’s tropical forests are being destroyed. More carbon is absorbed in that forest than is emitted by the United States. I will make sure that several countries come together and say [ao Brasil]: ‘Here are $ 20 billion. Stop destroying the forest ‘”, said in a presidential debate.

The Democrat also declared that he could impose sanctions on Brazil if the problem is not solved.“And if you [Brasil] don’t stop [de destruir a floresta], will suffer significant economic consequences ”, continued Biden.

At the time, Ricardo Salles mocked the financial aid proposal. “Just one question: is Biden’s $ 20 billion aid a year?”, said. President Jair Bolsonaro also countered the statement, classified Biden’s speech as “unfortunate” and said that Brazilian sovereignty “It is non-negotiable”.

In February 2021, with the United States already under the Democratic administration, Ricardo Salles and the then Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ernesto Araújo, held a videoconference meeting with the US government’s Special Climate Envoy, John Kerry, to discuss climate change and asked for US help to combat deforestation.

Last week, the US ambassador to Brazil, Todd Chapman, stated that the United States relies on Brazil as a “world leader” on climate issues.

“We count on Brazil as a world leader to encourage ambitious actions that empower the world to achieve transformative goals”,

Todd Chapman in announcing Joe Biden’s invitation to the Climate Leaders Summit.

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