NASA unveils new photos of Mars taken by the Perseverance rover

After releasing audio from the site, NASA this time revealed new photos taken from Mars by the Perseverance rover. The images were captured after they landed at the site in mid-February.

The robotic object has a total of 23 cameras, in order to record as much of the “Red Planet” as possible. The website CNET gathered the main ones in a video, which you can watch below:

The cameras have different engineering or science intentions. All captured photos are relayed back to Earth. They are stored in a database with the raw files, available over the internet.

This is because all data from scientific missions carried out by the US space agency must be sent to the public domain, in accordance with current legislation.

Another image released by NASA in its official Twitter account shows a rock hit by the laser present in Perseverance. As you can see in the post above, you can see several perforations made by the equipment if you get closer to the image.

The holes would be about 15 cm wide and are located in the right corner of the stone. The intention of the initiative was to check the chemical components present in the steam generated by the use of high temperature.

It was possible to find a basalt composition in the perforated rock. The substance is common in igneous or volcanic rocks present both on Mars and on Earth. The rover has been on a mission in Martian territory looking for signs of microbial life.

What did you think of the images captured by the NASA rover on Martian soil? Comment with us!


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