Woman reports new alleged assault on child by councilor Jairinho, stepfather of boy Henry – 4/3/2021 – Daily life

A woman told Veja magazine that Rio de Janeiro councilor Jairo Souza Santos, Dr. Jairinho, assaulted his friend’s son, one of the doctor’s ex-girlfriends. This is at least the third similar report against Jairinho, stepfather of the boy Henry Borel Medeiros, 4, whose death is being investigated by the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro.

At dawn on March 8, Henry was taken by his stepfather and mother, Professor Monique Medeiros, to a hospital in Barra da Tijuca, where he arrived dead. An autopsy exam concluded that the causes of death were internal bleeding and hepatic laceration (liver damage), produced by a blunt action.

At the hospital, the couple said they were in another room when they heard a noise made by the child and stood up to see what had happened. Once there, they would have seen the boy lying on the floor, his eyes rolled up, his hands and feet cold and not breathing.

À Veja the friend of one of the councilor’s ex-girlfriends said that she witnessed the colleague’s son, 5 years old, cry and tremble when she heard the words “uncle Jairinho”. She also said that the doctor found reasons to go out alone with the boy, who came back with marks of aggression.

On one occasion, the boy would have appeared with a puffy and disfigured face and black eyes. In another, he would have returned with a fractured leg at the height of the femur.

This ex-girlfriend, according to the magazine, told the police that she received a call from Jairinho hours after Henry’s death, but that the councilor did not mention the tragedy. She denied that her son was the victim of abuse.

At the end of last month, another ex-girlfriend of Jairinho, witness in the investigation that investigates the death of Henry, told the police that the councilor assaulted his teenage daughter when she was 4 years old. The accusation was revealed by TV Globo and the newspaper O Globo.

The woman also reported to the magazine that the doctor also made excuses to go out alone with her daughter. According to the mother, the girl said that the councilman twisted his arms and legs and gave him scares.

According to Jairinho’s ex-girlfriend, the girl said she was taken by him to a room that had a bed and a pool. She said she was stripped naked by the councilman, who, in a bathing suit, went into the shower with her, opened the shower and hit her head several times against the wall. According to the child, he also sank his head into the pool with his feet.

In 2014, Jairinho’s ex-wife, Ana Carolina Ferreira Netto, recorded an occurrence stating that she was always the victim of violence by the councilman and that he once tried to hang her, showed TV Globo. However, the station denied that it registered.

The report sought the defense of councilman Jairinho to question him about the new report of aggression, but received no response.

Contacted at the end of March to comment on previous accusations of aggression that were already circulating in the press, Dr. Jairinho’s lawyer, André França Barreto, suggested that his client was being victimized by the persecution of one of his ex-girlfriends.

On that occasion, he sent three handwritten testimonies to the report. The letters are signed by the councilor’s first son, Luiz Fernando Abidu, by his mother, Fernanda Abidu Figueiredo, and by ex-wife Ana Carolina.

Luiz Fernando wrote that his father never laid a finger on him. Fernanda said in the text that she met Jairinho as a child and that they raised their son with a lot of patience and conversation. Ana Carolina, who registered a case against the councilman, said in the letter that he was always very present and concerned.

Jairinho is the son of ex-state deputy Colonel Jairo, appointed as a militiaman at CPI das Militias and involved in investigations into the torture of a team from the newspaper O Dia in the Batan favela (west zone) in 2008.

In an interview with Veja, Henry’s father, Leniel Borel, said that a few days after his son’s death a man was in his condo asking for him and “asking strange questions”. His car was also streaked with an expletive.

Leniel also stated that, shortly after Henry’s death was announced at the hospital, Jairinho said to him: “Let’s turn this page, life on. Make another child ”.

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