How to finance real estate using Casa Verde e Amarela? Rates and conditions here!

The Casa Verde e Amarela program is the country’s housing program, which despite having undergone some changes still allows Brazilians to carry out the financing your own home. Check here for rates and conditions.

How to finance real estate using Casa Verde e Amarela? Rates and conditions here!
How to finance real estate using Casa Verde e Amarela? Rates and conditions here! (Photo: Google)

To finance your property you need to have an income of up to 7 thousand, so you can hire individually or through a construction company.

Another option is to make your contract through an organizing entity linked to a venture financed by Caixa Econômica Federal.

After that, just perform a simulation to find out how much you will be entitled to invest and deliver the documentation to a correspondent Caixa Aqui, or to the Caixa agency closest to your residence.

Thus, Caixa will carry out the analysis of the register, in which its documentation and the documentation of the chosen property will be analyzed. If approved, the bank will indicate the best conditions for financing, after choosing the contract must be signed.

According to Caixa, credit lines for real estate financing with resources of the Guarantee Fund for Time of Service (FGTS) are:

  • Imóveis na Planta: credit line for the production of housing projects through direct financing to individuals.
  • Resource Allocation: financing for entrepreneurs, individuals or companies, who produce projects with their own resources or those of third parties.
  • Production Support: exclusive product for companies in the construction industry that want to build quickly.
  • Civil Construction Company Plan: simplified financing to companies for the production of residential projects.


The program defined new rules for the transfers that are made by the companies that operate the financing and subsidies, which are paid to Caixa,

Last year, the company received a value of 1% of the financing, now it will start receiving 0.5%.

The savings will be passed on in the interest charged to consumers, so with the lower rates, they will have greater purchasing power than before.

Although it seems like a small change, it allows 350 thousand new ventures to be subsidized in the program.

In addition, the other changes that have been made in relation to the use of financing, may be used in land and urban reforms and regularization, this increases the market value of properties that were previously considered irregular.

Interest rates vary according to the region, the North and Northeast regions will have the lowest rates.


Jheniffer FreitasJheniffer Freitas

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