Kalil rejects the release of masses and face-to-face services: ‘The decree is worth it’ – General

Kalil rejects the release of masses and face-to-face services: ‘The decree is worth it’ – General
Kalil rejects the release of masses and face-to-face services: ‘The decree is worth it’ – General
Through Twitter, the mayor affirmed that, in the capital, the decree that vetoed the presence of in-person religious celebrations is still valid. “In Belo Horizonte, we followed the plenary of the Supreme Federal Court. What is the mayor’s decree worth? Cults and masses face-to-face. “

The prohibition provided for in municipal decree nº 17.566. The text informs: “services, masses and other religious activities of a collective nature are suspended indefinitely. religious spaces are allowed to remain open, provided the current sanitary measures are adopted. ”.

Nunes Marques accepted to proposed by the National Association of Evangelical Jurists.

“I recognize that the moment of caution, in the face of the pandemic context that we experience. Even so, and precisely because we live in such difficult times, it is more necessary to recognize the essentiality of religious activity, responsible, among other functions, for providing welcoming and spiritual comfort “, wrote the minister in his decision.

Kassio assumed the position of STF minister in November last year, under the recommendation of President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party), elected with great contribution from the Evangelical Church.

“We are in the middle of Holy Week, which, for Christians in general, represents a moment of singular importance for the celebrations of their beliefs – it is worth mentioning that, according to IBGE, more than 80% of Brazilians declared themselves to be Christians in the Census 2010 “, added the minister.

Celebrated or canceled

The So Sebastio Church, located on Avenida Augusto de Lima, in Barro Preto, in the Center-South Region of Belo Horizonte, canceled the face-to-face mass that was scheduled for this Sunday (4/4), the date on which Easter is celebrated.

The celebration was even announced by social networks. Earlier, the city informed that the church would be notified not to carry out the celebration, under penalty of applicable penalties, since the city is withdrawn due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

On the afternoon of this Saturday, the church returned to social media to announce that the mass will be broadcast virtually at four different times: 7:00 am, 9:00 am, 11:00 am and 7:00 pm.

“Unfortunately, this afternoon, city officials came to recommend that there be no in-person masses tomorrow (Sunday). Mass as always will be broadcast at 11 am. Happy Easter to everyone because ‘The Lord is truly risen’, Hallelujah!” Said Father Cndido Through facebook.

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