Fortaleza defeats Bahia and qualifies for the knockout at the Copa do Nordeste; see how the game went – Play

Fortaleza defeats Bahia and qualifies for the knockout at the Copa do Nordeste; see how the game went – Play
Fortaleza defeats Bahia and qualifies for the knockout at the Copa do Nordeste; see how the game went – Play
Fortaleza beat Bahia and advanced to the knockout stage of the Copa do Nordeste. The classification match took place this Saturday (3), with a 2 to 1 triumph at Arena Castelão, for the 7th round of the group stage. The goals from Ceará were from Jussa and David – Gilberto discounted.

With the result, the team remains in the lead of Chaves B, with 14 points. The next appointment is Tuesday (6) in front of Ypiranga-RS. The match will take place at the same stadium, at 9:30 pm, for the 2nd stage of the Copa do Brasil. In the event of a tie, the decision will be on penalties.

In the regional tournament, you have Confiança, away from home. Bahia, in 3rd place in Chave A, with 10, defines a vacancy with ABC in Pituaçu / BA. The clashes take place on Saturday (10), at 16h.

First time

Fortaleza opened the scoring against Bahia with Jussa, assisted by Matheus Vargas

Thiago Gadelha / SVM

Fortaleza started the game with news between the starting line-up: defender João Paulo was given a chance, and right-back Daniel Guedes debuted. In the 4-3-3 scheme, the team scared right after 2 minutes, David’s header saved by goalkeeper Douglas.

Chance expressed tricolor objectivity. With the ball, he tried to accelerate to get finishing opportunities. Bahia had a more paced job, with a lot of pass changes, but it was coming up against the Ceará defensive system.

In strategy, Leão took advantage and opened the score at 24. Matheus Vargas received at the entrance of the area and arranged for Jussa to finish without chances. The partial score was not maintained by a positioning error at 44, when Gilberto was released and left everything the same: 1 to 1.

Second time

Fortaleza and Bahia played a balanced match at Arena Castelão

Thiago Gadelha / SVM

On the way back from the break, Fortaleza put pressure and created many opportunities. Until he was 10, he had a chance to score with Robson, twice, Wellington Paulista and Matheus Vargas – mainly in advances in the counterattack.

Bahia had difficulties to overcome the defensive lines of the home owners. With more volume, Leão got the tie at 14. Robson launched for David, who beat Nino Paraíba by force and hit hard: 2 to 1.

As time went on, coach Enderson Moreira gave opportunities to Pikachu, Coutinho and Felipe. The renewal of the squad managed to withstand the pressure of the Bahian tricolor, guaranteeing the first victory of the team before the rival in the Copa do Nordeste.


Fortaleza 2×1 Bahia

Competition: Copa do Nordeste – 1st phase
Data: 03/04/2021
Time: 4pm
Location: Arena Castelão, in Fortaleza (CE)
Referee Gilberto Rodrigues Castro Junior (PE)
Goals: Jussa at 24´ / 1º T (1-0), Gilberto at 44´ / 1º T (1-1) and David at 14´ / 2nd T (2-1)
Yellow cards: Jussa (F), David (F), Matheus Vargas (F), Matheus Bahia (B), Juninho Capixaba (B), Lucas Fonseca (B), Daniel (B) and Gilberto (B).

Fortaleza: Felipe Alves; Daniel Guedes (Tinga), João Paulo, Quintero and Carlinhos; Matheus Jussa, Éderson and Matheus Vargas (Felipe); David (Pikachu), Robson (Romarinho) and Wellington Paulista (Coutinho). Coach: Enderson Moreira.

Bahia: Douglas; Nino Paraíba, Conti, Lucas Fonseca and Matheus Bahia (Juninho Capixaba); Daniel (Gabriel Novaes), Patrick (Galdezani) and Edson (Thaciano); Rossi (Alesson), Rodriguinho and Gilberto. Coach: Dado Cavalcanti.

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