CDC says US cruise returns will have 4 phases

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The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention, known as the CDC, has published a few more technical requirements for the return of sea cruises to American ports. There is a ban in place until November 2021, and a promise of an assisted return, which will go through four phases until it comes to fruition. The pressure from governments like Florida and the Travel and Tourism associations is great, as cruises are the only modality with no date yet to return and with the requirements still uncertain.The CDC said it will work with shipping companies and ports to resume cruises “when it is safe”.

In phase 2A, released yesterday, the CDC determined that cruise lines should:

– Increase the frequency of disclosure of covid-19 cases from weekly to daily;
– Implement a testing routine for the entire crew and according to the color of each ship’s phase;
– Update the color system used to classify ships in relation to covid-19;
– Reduce the time for a red ship to turn green from 28 to 14 two, according to the availability of tests on board, daily protocols and data dissemination each day;
– Create planning materials for agreements that need to be approved by port authorities and local health authorities, to ensure that maritime companies have the necessary infrastructure to manage an outbreak of covid-19 on ships, including medical and local capacity for isolating patients ;
– Establish a vaccination plan and schedule for crew and port staff.

Vaccination will be decisive for the return of cruises in the United States. The CDC’s recommendation for companies is to vaccinate everyone involved in the operation.

Regarding the test cruises that the companies would have to do, the CDC mentioned that they will be in the next phase, but did not give any date for that.


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