Marcelo does not disguise discomfort in his response to Costa and creates the concept of “preventive salvation of the Budget” – Observer

Marcelo does not disguise discomfort in his response to Costa and creates the concept of “preventive salvation of the Budget” – Observer
Marcelo does not disguise discomfort in his response to Costa and creates the concept of “preventive salvation of the Budget” – Observer

And on the third day, there is Belém’s response to São Bento: Marcelo says that “there is no crisis around here”, but he did not disguise his unease with the Government. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa reminded António Costa this Saturday that – if he had been as strict as the Government wanted him to be in the legal approach to the three diplomas on social support that he enacted – in the past he had already “Killed” other budgets and that it did not do so precisely to ensure political stability. On the visit to a nursing home in Lisbon – the same one he was going to visit on Wednesday and had to postpone because Costa had done the wrong to send to the TC the diplomas he had promulgated days before – the President justified the decision with a new concept that has just been patented in national politics: “Preventive Budget Salvation“.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa says he does not count on him for a new crisis, since the country already faces two: the pandemic and the economic and social crisis. However, he warns that “both [próximos] budgets are essential for the Government to reach 2023. If not, it will not be enough ”. And he insists: “What I’m saying, a few months away, is: attention, here comes a budget. If you ask me if I thought about it too when I decided and will decide on certain degrees, too ”. As early as Tuesday, the Observer had reported that Belém’s great concern was to save the Budget for 2022 on the left.

Marcelo believes that Costa will not resort to the TC. President’s concern is to save the OE2022 on the left

The President reiterated this Saturday, in fact, that every year he helps to save budgets to ensure that the António Costa Government comes to an end: “As the budget approaches, every year I enter a so-called preventive salvation of the budget. I start to prepare the climate, the environment, so that it is possible without major problems that the budget is approved.


Marcelo admits that he often promulgates “laws that are on the margins, on the political and legal margins”, but that his attitude is always to “save the laws”. And then shoot directly at the Government, remembering that many times – he who is “above that”, which are the wars between S. Bento and the “oppositions – has already decided in favor of the Executive’s will:“ I have already saved a State Budget more expenses than revenue. It was easy to kill Budget. sent it to the TC and it was the beginning of a very complicated process. I saved it, my understanding being that I promulgate taking into account the recipes. ”

And he continued, pointing to the heart of the Government: “Another budget came to me with a series of measures between what the Assembly and the Government can do. But, because of 12/15 articles, the country was not going to stop. ” This is because in the Summer 2020 Supplementary Budget, the parties joined against the PS to increase spending on the specialty by 1400 million, violating the brake law, but the Government there considered that it was able to accommodate the measures without harming public accounts too much . For Marcelo, it is therefore clear: “It is the Government that has changed its understanding”. In other words: the President was consistent with the previous year (also in crisis), the Government was not.

Marcelo also recalled that he saved “several laws of the Assembly of the Republic appraising government decree-laws that potentially would increase expenses or reduce revenues. I could have said: ‘I kill them, but it was a period of crisis. I saved 4 or 5 of those laws for that reason ‘”.

In yet another hint to the Prime Minister, the President also pulled from the gallons of having been re-legitimated less time than António Costa. “I was elected and recently reelected to solve problems and avoid crises. This applies to the current Prime Minister and the current Government and will apply to the government that will come out of 2023, with the same Prime Minister and the same party, or with another Prime Minister and another party ”. Marcelo remembers that he will be in office during and also beyond this Government. “I am still at the beginning of a five-year term,” he shot.

The President also suggested that António Costa only took this position forced by the Council of Ministers, when he recalled that he, President, “decides alone”, while the Executive is a “collegiate body”. With subtlety and acidity, Marcelo tries to explore some divisions that will exist in the Council of Ministers.

In a reckoning with “other constitutionalists” and “political commentators”, Marcelo recalled that he had already been in these two roles and that, at that time, he also had opinions. But now he is President and, therefore, he has to decide not only as a constitutionalist, but also as a President. Constitutionalists specifically remind, in a sweep of legal authority, that many of those who now contradict him were their “students”.

The day before Easter Sunday and with the trauma of Christmas very present, Marcelo called on the Portuguese to do everything “so that the R does not go up, the transmissibility does not go up, so that the number of cases does not go up, so that the number of inpatients in the ICU stabilize or decrease ”. For the President, “April is crucial for this purpose: we all wish that there would be no setbacks that would be dramatic for everyone.” And it gives a sign of optimism: “There are reasons to believe that there will be no setbacks”.

Marcelo says that it is necessary “to do everything to avoid a fourth wave”, being essential “to take advantage of April to maintain the pace of control of the pandemic before the summer”. On the economic and social crisis, the President recalls that “the sooner the pandemic disappears, the less the crisis will be, the shorter, the less profound”.

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