Disoriented, Bolsonaro does everything he can to disorient Brazil 04/04/2021

Disoriented, Bolsonaro does everything he can to disorient Brazil 04/04/2021
Disoriented, Bolsonaro does everything he can to disorient Brazil 04/04/2021
It is not just today that Jair Bolsonaro makes statements and has disparate attitudes. Recent events, however, have brought his mental confusion to a climax. The strong disapproval of the president’s performance in the pandemic, Lula’s return to the electoral prognosis and the failure of the attempt to co-opt the Armed Forces for a coup seem to have left Bolsonaro completely zureta.

Today’s appearance, in which he went to have soup in an administrative region of the Federal District, is proof of this. Accompanied by the new defense minister, reserve general Walter Braga Netto, the president was without a mask. In the previous days it alternated: some days it was with the accessory, others not.

As abolished as his behavior in relation to this simple coronavirus prevention accessory were the phrases he sent to journalists. “War, for my part, is not political. It is a war that really has to do with the future of a nation. We cannot forget the issue of employment,” he stammered.

Which war is it referring to? If such a war is not political, what kind is it? War? Economical? It may be, it may not be. Nobody knows what he meant. Nor does Bolsonaro himself.

He continued with his staggering oratory: “The virus, people know that we are fighting vaccinations”.

No, president. If the “people” to which it refers are the millions of Brazilians who eagerly await the moment of immunization, they know very well that only now, after 300 thousand deaths, the government moved to run after the vaccines that the boss of the Planalto sneered.

As it could not be otherwise, Bolsonaro once again attacked the initiatives to restrict circulation. “I don’t particularly agree with the ‘close it all and stay home’ policy.” He went on with the same chatter repeated over and over, even in the face of the world record of deaths by the covid-19 that Brazil beats daily.

He invoked the Armed Forces for the umpteenth time, saying he will use them to help speed up vaccination – although everyone knows that the slow pace of the process is not due to a shortage of labor or available places, but a lack of immunizers,

In the end, the president’s incursion into the Christian Charitable Association Casa de Maria – Beth Myriam did not result in any useful announcements or proposals to protect his countrymen from the pandemic.

In today’s appointment, the great concern of the man whose vacation cost the public coffers R $ 2.3 million seemed to be with the images in which he takes soup in the humble place, as if he were already campaigning for reelection. “Visiting the people to hear their needs!”, He wrote on social media, with an exclamation point and everything.

While the president of Brazil wanders disoriented around, on a pre-election agenda, the number of deaths grows, the ICUs are crowded, the possibility of lack of oxygen and supplies makes health professionals desperate and the funeral crisis is getting closer and closer.

As far as Bolsonaro is concerned, the country still does not know where it is going.

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