‘Mysterious’ mental illness strikes 43 people in Canada | World

‘Mysterious’ mental illness strikes 43 people in Canada | World
‘Mysterious’ mental illness strikes 43 people in Canada | World

Monique Mello – 03/04/2021 12:26 | updated on 03/04/2021 12h41

Doctors still unaware of the origins of the mysterious neurological disease Photo: Freepik

Canadian scientists are investigating the possibility of the emergence of a new neurological disease, after the appearance of 43 cases of patients with the same symptoms, involving loss of memory, hallucinations and muscle atrophy. The cases were identified in the province of New Brunswick, in the east of the country.

Experts say there are still more questions than answers about the cases, and asked people not to be scared. According to Dr. Jennifer Russell, medical director of health for the Canadian province, this is “most likely a new disease”.

According to the investigation, patients initially had complaints of unexplained pain, spasms and changes in behavior – all symptoms that could easily be diagnosed as anxiety or depression. However, over the course of 18 to 36 months, they began to develop cognitive decline, loss of muscle mass, salivation and chattering teeth. Several patients also began to experience frightening hallucinations, including the sensation of insects crawling on their skin.

“We haven’t seen a group of neurological diseases resistant to diagnosis like this in the past 20 years,” said Michael Coulthart, head of Canada’s DCJ surveillance network.

– We still cannot find a causative agent, except that everything we have analyzed so far suggests that it is an environmental exposure of some kind that is acquired through food, water, air, professional or leisure activities – adds neurologist Alier Marrero , a member of a hospital in Moncton and one of those responsible for the investigation.

In the process, substances found in seafood and a neurotoxin produced by seaweed are being investigated. Of the 43 cases investigated, the researchers believe that 5 people died from the mysterious disease.

According to the The Guardian, New Brunswick provincial politicians charge and await further responses from the scientific community.

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