Deputy woman who groped Isa Penna says that those who suffer harassment do not ‘open wide’ and become stars – 03/04/2021 – Poder

State deputy Fernando Cury’s wife (Citizenship), Renata Meneguella Cury, came out in defense of her husband after the São Paulo Legislative Assembly extended her sentence from three months to six months.

The punishment was decided by the House after he touched Congresswoman Isa Penna (PSOL) in plenary last December.

In a Facebook post on Friday (2), Renata Cury said that “while on the one hand the actress was gaining spotlight with serene looks and victimizing herself with such suffering as she was going through, here she had the strength and faith that held a home that was being stoned”.

She criticized people who suffer harassment and make the situation public. “Whoever suffers harassment is indignant, does not open wide [a situação] and becomes a star. ”

The wife’s post is no longer available on her profile — after being searched for by UOL’s report, Renata blocked access to her Facebook post.

In December, Congresswoman Isa Penna was touched by Cury in the plenary and registered a police report against him for sexual harassment, in addition to reporting him to the House Ethics Council for breach of decorum.

This Thursday (1), during the session, Isa stated that the vote was a victory for feminism. “We celebrate this small victory of having, for the first time in the history of Brazil, a parliamentarian being suspended for harassment, this is not going to take me away,” he said.

With the decision, the deputy of Cury, Father Afonso Lobato (PV), takes over the position, who may exonerate the employees of the colleague’s office. Cury will be without a salary during the period and his office without a budget.

Isa Penna and part of the deputies defended the termination of Cury’s mandate, but the maximum penalty provided for by the regiment would not reach an absolute majority of 48 votes (among 94 deputies) to be approved. According to the deputy, 44 parliamentarians would support the impeachment.

“I am happy, I cannot help feeling happy. Any deputy and any man will think twice now. The question is not the number of months, but the message to the harassers that it is not acceptable. It is a defeat for machismo”, said Isa to sheet at the end of the vote.

The deputy also said that she came to fear that the case would be closed, but that the mobilization of society was great. Tired but relieved, Isa also said that he hardly slept last night due to a tendonitis crisis.

On her Facebook page, Renata Cury said she was “Fernando to the end”, that she is proud of her husband and that she is “relieved with the suspension and very grateful to God for taking him out of this medium for 180 days” and leaving him in home with the family.

“To those who wanted to listen to me and who expected condemnation and judgment, unfortunately for you here there is a real Woman!” In her post, the financial marketer criticized women who denounce harassment and said she no longer considered herself a feminist.

“Females, when convenient, are ‘blinded’ and come together to raise flags,” he said. “I worked 15 years in an institution and I saw so much, in fact, I think I suffered [assédio], but, I remembered situations that I resolved so simply. Whoever suffers harassment is indignant, does not open wide [a situação] and becomes a star. I also remembered how many times in my life a man made mistakes and apologized to me and how many times I answered ‘what is this, it was nothing!’. ”

Renata Cury says that the feminism that “when it suits” becomes a victim is shameful, also made insinuations similar to what fellow deputies of her husband did about Isa Penna, insinuating that the parliamentarian would behave inappropriately for, among other things, dancing funk.

“Feminism for me is knowing how to position yourself and resolve. In fact, to always have a posture! For me, it is being a woman. This ‘feminism’ that when it becomes convenient to become a victim is shameful. ! Feminist who does not accept excuse, puts the knife in her throat and screams for blood! This is ridiculous to me! ”

In the session that extended the punishment, Cury’s lawyer, Roberto Delmanto, said that the deputy “is not a harasser and there is no crime”. The defense spoke of lynching and said that the sessions “already mean an indelible punishment” to Cury.

The extension of the sentence in the plenary was sewn in a meeting on Thursday morning, hours before the session, with bench leaders and members of the Ethics Council. It was, in fact, a loophole agreed by the deputies to circumvent the 119-day plaster cast.

The meeting was called by the President of the House, Carlão Pignatari (PSDB), after pressure from the deputies who wanted a harsher punishment – a group that included, besides members of PT, PSOL, PCdoB, Novo and Rede, big names like Janaina Paschoal (PSL ), Barros Munhoz (PSB) and Campos Machado (Avante) and women parliamentarians from right-wing parties.

Isa was counting on popular pressure for Cury’s impeachment. Last Sunday (28), a group of 64 artists and personalities published a letter to Carlão asking for the repeal of the deputy’s mandate.

There is also the campaign For an Exemplary Punishment (, which seeks to pressure parliamentarians for a tougher penalty by firing emails. According to Isa’s advisory, more than a million messages were fired.

In addition to the action at the Ethics Council, Cury is investigated by the São Paulo Public Ministry, after Isa accused him of sexual harassment

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