US registers 1.6 million passengers at airports this Friday

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) – the US Transportation Security Agency – identified that 1.6 million people were at US airports this Friday (2nd). This is the largest number of passengers since the beginning of the pandemic. According to the organization, the movement has exceeded 1 million passengers per day since March 11.

Mark Howell, a TSA spokesman, told the Axios that the growth may have happened because of spring break, at this time of year in the USA. However, he reasoned that travel did not resume the pace it had before the outbreak of the pandemic.

TSA expects that, during the summer, the number of travelers will grow a little more. Still, the agency estimates that it cannot say whether the pace will return to normal.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control, in the acronym in English), an American state agency equivalent to Anvisa, however, still does not recommend that the population return to travel. Despite the fact that vaccination in the country is advancing at a fast pace, the number of cases continues to grow. Therefore, the director of the organization, Rochelle Walensky, advised that people only travel if it is really necessary.

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