US Senate to Rule Federal Marijuana Legalization, Says Democratic Leader

US Senate to Rule Federal Marijuana Legalization, Says Democratic Leader
US Senate to Rule Federal Marijuana Legalization, Says Democratic Leader
US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said the House would decide on federal marijuana legalization in the country. Recreational use is already permitted in some North American states.

The speech of the Democratic senator was given in an interview to the website Politico, released this Saturday (April 3, 2021).

Schumer has as one of its flags the decriminalization and legalization of cannabis. He was the author of a bill 3 years ago to legalize the drug, but the text did not go under the Republican Trump administration and Senate.

As the leader of the Democratic majority, Schumer basically serves as the president of the Upper House of the Capitol. It is he who defines the voting agenda. The president of the Senate is Vice President Kamala Harris, but the position is ceremonial. Harris only votes in the event of a tie, which has been recurring with 50 senators from each party in the current composition.

The Senate is expected to create new marijuana legislation, which would disregard the text passed by the House in December, restricted to decriminalization. In this case, the drug remains prohibited, but its use does not result in penalties in the criminal field. However, fines or re-education measures may apply.

Schumer bases his argument on the movement of states, which for the most part already allow recreational use. There are 15 states where the drug is allowed. The last to legalize it was New York, the 4th largest in the country. It is the home state of the majority leader, who has already been a deputy in the New York City Chamber.

“The legalization of states worked very well. They were a huge success. The parade of horrible things never happened and people had more freedom. And the people in those states look very happy. ”said the senator.

New Mexico must also approve the use of cannabis, raising the rate of 40% of the American population that already lives in States where the substance is allowed. The most in the country, California, legalized marijuana in 2016.

Joe Biden has already been against

U.S. President Joe Biden said in 2019 that he was against legalizing marijuana for lack of “Enough evidence” that the drug did not cause addiction to users. He was the only Democratic pre-candidate in the 2020 elections to openly oppose the measure.

On the other hand, the former vice president said at the time that he supported the decriminalization of marijuana, as well as national permission for medical use.

Despite the president’s position – which may have changed -, Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer said the legislation would go independently of the White House seal. “I want to present my arguments to him”, said the senator, who will still talk to Biden.

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