Salles promises to reduce deforestation with US $ 1 billion from the US

Salles promises to reduce deforestation with US $ 1 billion from the US
Salles promises to reduce deforestation with US $ 1 billion from the US
The Minister of the Environment, Ricardo Salles.| Photo: Lula Marques / Public Photos

Environment Minister Ricardo Salles said in an interview published by Estadão this Saturday (3) that Brazil can reduce deforestation in the Amazon by up to 40% if it receives US $ 1 billion from the United States. To the newspaper, Salles detailed the actions that would be taken if the transfer of resources by the US government were to materialize.

“The plan is US $ 1 billion for 12 months, one third, US $ 340 million, for command and control actions, and US $ 660 million for economic development actions, payment for environmental services, precisely in those places where there will be stronger command and control performance, “he explained. According to Salles, Norway was also asked if it wants to collaborate with the plan in the Amazon, but emphasized that “the big discussion is with the USA”.

During the debate for the presidency of the United States in 2020, the then candidate, Joe Biden, defended the creation of a fund to “commit US $ 20 billion” to fight fires in the Amazon – about R $ 97 billion. According to him, the effort would be made so that “Brazil no longer burns the Amazon so that they can have farms”.

“We are asking for US $ 1 billion of the US $ 20”, justified Salles, saying that the government will act to fulfill the goal if it has the resources. “Or go back in the speech: ‘I said I had it, but I don’t have it’. If it doesn’t look like you have the money, and we don’t do it because we don’t want to. It’s not true.”

Salles also affirmed that, if there are no resources from the United States or another country, the portfolio will fight deforestation “with our availability as much as we can, but then I cannot commit myself to percentages”.


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