US Embassy warns Cubans about risks of illegal migration – International

The United States Embassy in Havana warned Cubans that going into the sea in precarious boats is “extremely dangerous” after reporting a “small increase” in illegal migration operations along this island route.

“The United States government warns that jumping into the sea with these inappropriate vessels is illegal and extremely dangerous,” said Lt. Commander Mario Gil, who identifies himself as a Coast Guard contact at the Washington embassy.

In his message in Spanish, released Friday night by the diplomatic legation on Twitter, Gil emphasizes that “in the last few months there has been a slight increase in cases of illegal maritime migration”, and asks Cubans “to use legal, safe and orderly roads that exist to emigrate to the United States “.

“Protect your loved ones, avoid illegal migration,” he asks.

His call comes almost a month after Cuban authorities reported the sinking of a boat near the Bahamas, with one dead, several missing, including women and children, and 12 survivors.

In a note on the fact, dated March 11, the island’s chancellery emphasized that “among the factors that constitute incentives for irregular migration is the suspension of processing and granting visas (…) at the United States Consulate in Havana and transferring these procedures to third countries “.

It also mentions the violation of the United States’ commitment to guarantee legal migration from Cuba to a minimum of 20,000 Cubans a year.

More than 100 Cuban immigrants have been intercepted at sea since last October, trying to cross the Strait of Florida to reach the United States, the US Coast Guard said in February.



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