Tori Spelling: – Solves the confusion

There were several who were surprised by Hollywood star Tori Spellings (47)’s post on Instagram on April 1. The 47-year-old shared a photo with her 1.5 million followers – where she kept a close eye on what apparently looked like a baby belly.

«No. 6 »wrote Spelling under the picture.

This creates confusion

Since the photo was shared on April 1, many people interpreted the photo as a good, old-fashioned April Fool’s joke. However, the actor’s picture managed to set fire to the comment field within a few hours, and many thought that it was distasteful of the star to possibly joke about pregnancy.

Now Spelling finally solves the confusion in a new post on Instagram. There, the star explains that it was all just a bluff, and that she and her husband Dean McDermott (54) are not expecting their sixth child.

Stick to the media

She writes that the post was a sting to the media, which immediately began to wonder if she was once again expecting a child.

“Every week magazines and other press ask if I’m pregnant. To clarify: no, I’m not. The truth is that my body did not become the same again after my fifth child “, Spelling writes in the post.

She writes that the questions about “another pregnancy” really began to come after her most recent birth. The 47-year-old describes it as tough that her body is hung out in public.

“I know pregnancy is an incredible blessing. And I would never intentionally make fun of miscarriage or the possibility of not having children. I myself had a miscarriage “, writes Spelling.

The mother of five continues:

“My post was meant to turn it against the press, for once. They constantly make wild and often hurtful things about me, my body and my family ».

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Strong reactions

Spelling’s April Fool’s joke created, to put it mildly, resentment in the comments field.

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“Wait. Is this real? ” there was a user who asked.

“This must be an April Fool’s joke,” wrote another.

“Terrible if this is a joke,” commented a third.

The death sparked years of bitter inheritance strife

Several in the comments field thought it was “tone deaf and disrespectful” of the 47-year-old to joke that she is expecting a child – in that many other women struggle to get pregnant in the first place.

“Tori, I thought that almost everyone knew that it is insensitive to joke that you are pregnant,” wrote one user, before another followed up:

“I really do not hope this is an April Fool’s joke. Every year, women must be reminded that it is not fun to joke about being pregnant, and it is a big trigger for those who struggle to make it happen.

Tori Spelling has the five children Liam (14), Stella (12), Hattie (9), Finn (8) and Beau (4) with Dean McDermott. The children have been on a conveyor belt since 2007. McDermott also has a son Jack (22) from a previous relationship.

– They called me a frog

Ever since they got married in 2006, Spelling and McDermott have made a number of headlines as a couple, both in terms of their own finances, infidelity rumors and family quarrels.

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