‘Child used to go out with Jairinho, came back purple and with a broken leg’, says witness | Brazil

‘Child used to go out with Jairinho, came back purple and with a broken leg’, says witness | Brazil
‘Child used to go out with Jairinho, came back purple and with a broken leg’, says witness | Brazil
Renan Olaz / CMRJ
Dr. Jairinho, councilor from Rio de Janeiro

A close friend of an ex-girlfriend of Jairo Souza Santos Júnior, Dr. Jairinho, said, in an interview with Veja magazine, that when the son of the councilman’s ex went out with him, he came back purple or with a broken leg. Both women chose not to identify themselves.

After the case of the death of Henry
, the police have heard testimonies from 16 people. Among the reports, there are assaults by the councilman against the daughter of an ex-girlfriend. Speaking, a close friend of an ex-girlfriend of the councilman said that Jairinho
he found reasons to go out alone with his friend’s son and that in one of the exits, the child returned disfigured and with black eyes, as if he had gone through a “torture session”. On that occasion, the councilman allegedly alleged that the child had fallen head first.

In another, the minor arrived with fractured leg
at the height of the femur. The explanation was that the boy had fastened himself in his seat belt and tripped when he got out of the car. “” Both times, Jairinho took him to a clinic of his acquaintances. My friend was dazzled and was afraid that he was powerful “, said the woman.

In addition, an ex-wife of the councilman, with whom he has two children, said she has also been beaten by the councilman. Ana Carolina Ferreira Netto registered two complaints with the police: in 2014, she stated that, after an argument, he had a “fury attack”, delivering punches and kicks, to the point of being hospitalized; the other, from 2020, cites only ” bodily injuries

Another ex girlfriend
de Jairinho said that he gave her medicine to sleep. During the testimony in the investigation that deals with alleged aggressions committed by Jairinho, and which runs parallel to the investigation of the boy’s death, she said that she was suspicious of the medication during a trip.

She said that he would have done this to be able to speak to his ex-wife. The ex-girlfriend said, still, that she did not take, but pretended to sleep, and caught the councilman holding his daughter by the arms. Still during testimony to the police, the ex-girlfriend of Jairinho
reported some episodes of aggression:

  • “He says he even tore his clothes on the street, specifically when he saw her coming home from a ‘party'”;
  • “Once, when he wanted to talk to the declarant and she refused, Jairinho pulled her through the gate grid of the declarant’s mother’s house, which made her bump against the grid”;
  • “Sometimes when (the daughter) was alone with Jairinho, he would take her to the car and say things like ‘you disturb your mother’s life’, ‘your mother’s life would be easier without you'”;
  • “He used to blow his head and twist his legs and arms (in relation to his daughter)”;
  • “In one of the times Jairinho took her (his daughter) to a swimming pool and in this place he sank his head underwater”.

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